Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to ... ME!

I love stretching my birthday out as long as possible. Don't you? Got cards from friends & family yesterday. And my neighbors had a cookout for me last night--complete with a pan of brownies with frosting. YUM-MY! Unfortunately, Derek had to go to work, so he missed it. He ran in the door to give me my (early) present & then headed straight for Waxahachie. And then it turned out that the break was so bad it had to go recon instead of trauma. Bummer. Think it was after 11 when he got home--I don't know, I was sleeping. I digress. Anyway, one of my bosses is taking me to lunch today. My mom called just a bit ago. I'm meeting family for dinner tomorrow night. And I believe there may be several other lunches & dinners in the works. Oh, how I love to make birthdays last as long as possible!

And look what my dear, sweet husband got me for my birthday! (Mine has a silver face instead of black.) Yep, I'm definitely spoiled.


sarahk said...

Happy birthday! And very pretty watch!

maggie katzen said...

Happy Birthday!