Friday, October 19, 2007


First of all, I think I've figured out what happened to one of those masterworks that went "missing" from my library. Yep. I'm just crazy. If my research proves correct, I never actually bought the piece - I just thought I did. Nice. I'm officially cuckoo at 30-whatever. But on the upside, the very nice librarian for the Chorale has agreed to go to storage and look for my copy and send it to me (once I pay for it, of course). As much as I would love to have my original markings from the score, I really hate to make her look through 60+ scores just to find mine b/c it will totally be a hunt-n-peck search. Why? Well, I don't think I wrote my name in it, for one thing. And, if that hunch proves correct, that means that she'll have to look through each score to find the one with the soprano solo line all marked up. And Murphy will probably make it be on the bottom of the stack. But, on the other hand, the nice librarian did volunteer to look in storage for my score. So....

Second of all, I think I may have to replace an almost-brand-new tire. I went to dinner with a girlfriend last night, and as I was pulling into the community after dinner, I heard an odd noise. I rolled down my window b/c I was pretty sure it was a flat tire noise. Pulled in the driveway. Yep. Not just flat. Flat as a pancake. Whah! I have no idea how long I drove on it that way. I really don't think it was flat when I left the restaurant. Surely I would have noticed that. Then again. I can be a little air-headish sometimes, especially after a visit with girlfriends. I'm hoping that it flattened as I drove and only got super flat as I was approaching home. Anyway. We bought four new tires at Discount Tire about six months ago, so I'll take it back there for repair or replacement since we have the super-duper warranty. I really hope it's not replacement! I'm still paying vet bills! Sniff.

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