Monday, October 29, 2007

Another Exciting Weekend

Another exciting weekend completed at The Foxhole. The critters and I were successful in our house cleaning efforts, including the clean-up on aisle nine. Nothing makes me feel great like having a clean house, ya know? All that's left is finishing up the laundry, which requires an ironing board so you can see why that's still lingering.

Derek had a great business trip in San Francisco. And he had a little bit of the weekend left to enjoy at home. Dori's still doing terrific after our little hiccup last week. Who knows what that was all about. I had a nice dinner with my friend Elise at my favorite Italian restaurant. Missed out on the tiramisu again, but everything was still excellent, as usual.

Today, I do my civic duty by reporting for jury duty. At least all I have to do is walk downstairs to report. And I'm hoping to come back upstairs to my office until they need me. But we'll see whether that actually works out. Let's hope I dodge the bullet on this one.

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