Monday, October 29, 2007

Another Exciting Weekend

Another exciting weekend completed at The Foxhole. The critters and I were successful in our house cleaning efforts, including the clean-up on aisle nine. Nothing makes me feel great like having a clean house, ya know? All that's left is finishing up the laundry, which requires an ironing board so you can see why that's still lingering.

Derek had a great business trip in San Francisco. And he had a little bit of the weekend left to enjoy at home. Dori's still doing terrific after our little hiccup last week. Who knows what that was all about. I had a nice dinner with my friend Elise at my favorite Italian restaurant. Missed out on the tiramisu again, but everything was still excellent, as usual.

Today, I do my civic duty by reporting for jury duty. At least all I have to do is walk downstairs to report. And I'm hoping to come back upstairs to my office until they need me. But we'll see whether that actually works out. Let's hope I dodge the bullet on this one.

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Time to Admit...

I really hate oatmeal! Seriously. Can't. stand. it. Why is this so earth-shattering? Well, I've been eating oatmeal my whole life. Growing up, I really loved the instant maple & brown sugar flavored oatmeal. But recently, I've been buying the Kashi oatmeal that, while microwaveable, is not instant oatmeal. You have to microwave it to cook the oats--I've always just added hot water & let the oatmeal sit for a while until it got thick. I know that I must make the most terrible faces when I eat the Kashi oatmeal. Why? Well, it's not so much the flavor of the oatmeal--Kashi has some pretty good flavors. It's more of a texture issue. "Real" oatmeal has the consistency of boogers. Yeah. Sorry. But that's just what it reminds me of. And I don't know about you, but I have a real problem eating anything that reminds me of boogers. And that, quite frankly, encompasses a lot of my issues with foods on my "hate" list. So, while the "real" oatmeal I've been eating is good for me, I think I'm going to have to pass on it. For good. I'll get my oats somewhere else. Thanks.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Turn in Place

It appears we've headed off at the pass whatever it is that may have been plaguing Dori. She ate breakfast this morning and did fine all day in the bathroom. She's definitely perky, still hungry, and seems to back to good digestive health ... if you get my drift. I'm just glad to have avoided a clean-up on aisle seven!

Two Steps Forward and a Shuffle to the Side

Well, it will be quiet around the house for a few days. Derek's off to San Francisco for a business meeting. (No, worries. He's way north of the wildfires!) So that means the critters & I will be home alone to do whatever we want...which means we'll probably be lazy--watch what we want to watch on tv, do some stuff in the craft room, practice some music, you know...stuff. We definitely have to clean. I know the critters will be excited to learn that!

Speaking of cleaning, I definitely have to hose down the master bath. Poor Dori had a little setback (hence the post title). When I got home from work Tuesday, she had left some "presents" for me. Thankfully, it was obvious that she hadn't taken care of business before Derek left for the day and just couldn't hold it until I got home. So at least that was an easy clean-up. Anyway, we went on our standard evening walk and it became apparent that something else was going on as she wanted to stop every five seconds & make deposits. (Warning: TMI on the way) What successful deposits she was able to leave were not of the solid variety, but mostly she was just gassy, which was pretty funny b/c Dori hates to tootle. So there was lots of checking out of the gassy noises & then dropping of the head when she realized the sounds were indeed coming from her own hind end. I digress. Anyway. She was still acting completely normal aside from the runny poo/gas. She ate fine. She played. She was perky. So even though I was a little concerned, I was hoping it was just b/c she'd tried to hold in some poo all day long & that that had just messed up the sensitive system. I mean, hey, doesn't that happen to you? Anyway. Dinner, unfortunately, did not come out solidly. So we were up & down all night long letting her go outside. At midnight, Derek finally gave up & slept on the couch so that Dori could be closer to the back door. That's when she decided to go to sleep--after we'd been up and down for two hours letting her outside to pass gas and/or ... well, you know. I guess she just wanted to be closer to the door (she usually sleeps in the bedroom with us, where we keep the door closed b/c we can't trust our brood not to get into things while we're sleeping).

Yesterday morning, she was not interested in breakfast and she was still having bathroom issues. So we called the vet about it. She prescribed an antibiotic & we have thus far dodged an office visit. Derek put Dori in the master bath when he left for work rather than putting her in her room. (Tile is a lot easier to clean than carpet!) When he got home, the bathroom was quite a mess. (Thank goodness we put her in the bathroom!) Poor Dori had her head down the whole evening. I guess she thought we'd be mad at her. It's not like she could help it! Last night, I couldn't get her to eat anything--not even her favorite veggies. That made me think her tummy might be queasy, so I gave her a Maalox chewable, which she took happily. When I got home from choir, I tried feeding her again. Still not interested. Before bed, Derek finally forced her medicine down her and I gave her another Maalox. We left some broccoli and dry food down and put her soft food in the fridge. She did fine overnight and did not ask once to go out to potty.

This morning, the broccoli and dry food were all gone and she acted hungry. So I got her food back out. The first thing she did was pick out & eat the carrots she'd refused the night before. Then she set about eating the soft food, carefully picking out the pieces that had some leftover medicine in them. Stinker. She's back in the master bath again today. Hopefully there won't be a repeat of yesterday b/c I have to clean it up. Me. The one with the most sensitive gag reflex you've ever encountered! I don't do vomit ... or poop. Let's hope Dori has a good day.

Wow. All of that was to say that I definitely have to bleach the bathroom. Even though Derek's already scoured it & bleached it, I still feel like I should do it myself. Gives me the willies just thinking about all the germies.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Love Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp air. I love sitting on the patio in the morning with a hot cup of coffee just watching the world go by. I love taking the dog for a walk--she's even more excited about her walks than usual. I love watching the leaves turn colors and slowly drop from the trees. I love the fall flowers. I love fall!

More than that, fall is my favorite time of year for food. Soups. Stews. Chilis. Roast. Beans. Thanksgiving. Can you think of a better time of year for food? I really can't. Well, summer would be a close second b/c of tomatoes & my favorite fresh herbs. But fall takes #1 hands down in my book. I made southwestern pumpkin soup last night (recipe). It was soooo good. It wasn't high on Derek's list of favorite soups, but I thought it was great. I think I spoiled him with the butternut squash soup last fall--he loved it--so he wasn't fond of my additions to the recipe. Tonight we're having tortilla soup. Mmmm. Another favorite. I'm so excited it's cool enough that I can finally cook all of my favorite fall recipes!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Fall weather is here! We awoke this morning to the strongest cold front yet. Man, is it windy! But on the upside, the brisk fall weather has finally arrived. In fact, this morning's temp (59F) is today's high. So for the first time this fall, I wore a turtleneck to work. Whoohoo! I love this time of year. What I don't love about this time of year, however, is the junk that blows in with these kinds of fronts. My allergies are going haywire today. Can't have everything, I guess.

Had a very nice weekend. Friday, for the first time in weeks, I cooked dinner. Derek, of course, enjoyed that. It meant he didn't have to think too hard about what he could eat b/c I'm super conscious of his new diet...more so than he'd like me to be, I think. We had a terrific anniversary dinner Saturday night at our favorite Italian restaurant, Cosa Nostra. We once again had the fondue to start. Not exactly on Derek's new diet, but this was a special occasion, so I let him cheat. I had the salmon special for dinner this time. Derek stuck with the pork chops. Both were excellent. We were robbed of tiramisu once again, but the cappuccino cheesecake was d-lish! Yesterday was a lazy day. I worked on laundry and laid around. I really needed to clean, but I just couldn't get up the gumption. Dori & I played outside several times throughout the afternoon & then went for a walk at dusk. So I wasn't a total slug. And I did actually get in the practice room to work on the music for tonight's rehearsal.

Derek and the gang thoroughly enjoyed the Cowboys game yesterday, which turned out to be a 3 o'clock game instead of the original noon playing time. They stayed 'till the bitter end, which was a good call. The 'Boys were lookin' a little ragged there for a while but managed to pull the win in the end.

Everyone send some *happy thoughts* to my friend Jana this week. She's in a special one-year teaching program at the University of Memphis law school this year. This week, she begins interviewing for her next job. She's a bit stressed and certainly anxious about the whole process. She's a very talented young lady who should have no trouble finding a job. Nonetheless, interviewing is always stressful no matter your qualifications. So if you have a moment, say a little prayer for Jana.

It's official: my brother will be transferring from the Terrell office to the Rockwall office effective November 1st. He'll be running straight traffic in this office, so no more accident investigation or DOA stuff. County handles all of that. Rockwall office is smaller, so he should have more opportunity to advance & get more experience. We're all proud of him!

And happy birthday to my friends Kara & Heather and my cousin Scott! Guess we know what our parents were doing in January...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary

It's hard to believe that seven years has come & gone since we said "I do." We're both a little older, a little wiser, a little fluffier. But I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else. There really is someone for everyone. And I'm glad that you're mine!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

From Boohoo to Whoohoo!

Tried to get to Discount Tire when it opened this morning, but the leak in the tire was bigger than anticipated. So getting the tire to hold air was a bit tricky. I finally got enough in it that I felt comfortable driving to Rockwall. By the time I got there, there was a long line & my tire was once again flat. I waited a lot longer than they said I'd have to...but it is Saturday and I was late getting there. As suspected, the tire couldn't be repaired b/c of the amount of time I'd driven on it while it was flat. Apparently, it's not uncommon for this to happen to rear tires. When they go flat, it's not as obvious as a front tire b/c there is no obvious pulling or wobbling. The typical flat tire sound isn't even obvious until you turn a corner, which is when I first noticed it. So long story short, I had to get a new tire. But thanks to the super duper warranty we purchased with the new set of tires, the cost of the new tire was 100% covered. Whoohoo! I did have to purchase a new warranty for the new replacement tire. But hey, I'll take $15 over $150 any day!

My little tire excursion took up most of the morning, especially once I tacked on a few additional stops on the way home. Hey, the dog has to eat...and so does Derek! So I'm just getting started on the regular weekend chores. Think I'll do all the laundry today & work on the house cleaning tomorrow while Derek's gone to the Cowboy game.

Friday, October 19, 2007


First of all, I think I've figured out what happened to one of those masterworks that went "missing" from my library. Yep. I'm just crazy. If my research proves correct, I never actually bought the piece - I just thought I did. Nice. I'm officially cuckoo at 30-whatever. But on the upside, the very nice librarian for the Chorale has agreed to go to storage and look for my copy and send it to me (once I pay for it, of course). As much as I would love to have my original markings from the score, I really hate to make her look through 60+ scores just to find mine b/c it will totally be a hunt-n-peck search. Why? Well, I don't think I wrote my name in it, for one thing. And, if that hunch proves correct, that means that she'll have to look through each score to find the one with the soprano solo line all marked up. And Murphy will probably make it be on the bottom of the stack. But, on the other hand, the nice librarian did volunteer to look in storage for my score. So....

Second of all, I think I may have to replace an almost-brand-new tire. I went to dinner with a girlfriend last night, and as I was pulling into the community after dinner, I heard an odd noise. I rolled down my window b/c I was pretty sure it was a flat tire noise. Pulled in the driveway. Yep. Not just flat. Flat as a pancake. Whah! I have no idea how long I drove on it that way. I really don't think it was flat when I left the restaurant. Surely I would have noticed that. Then again. I can be a little air-headish sometimes, especially after a visit with girlfriends. I'm hoping that it flattened as I drove and only got super flat as I was approaching home. Anyway. We bought four new tires at Discount Tire about six months ago, so I'll take it back there for repair or replacement since we have the super-duper warranty. I really hope it's not replacement! I'm still paying vet bills! Sniff.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Not that it's any surprise, but my week has been cram-packed with singing. And it's about to get busier. I'm now part of a quintet at church (my paid gig). When we lost the new second sop/alto a week or so ago, Epiphany lost a singer and that meant a group rethinking. So I got called in to be the replacement. I was part of a similar group at Ridgewood, so the music is completely familiar at least. It does add an extra evening of rehearsal each week and means a shift in my lesson schedule, which is pretty tough since my voice studio is completely full & I've had my current slot for ages.

I've begun working in earnest on the big gigs I've agreed to sing in December. Naturally, it's a lot of music and there are tricky places to hammer out. My big solo work (Rutter) is quite difficult and will require a lot more time than I had anticipated. Though, it seems odd that I didn't anticipate it being a lot of work, every Rutter piece I've ever sung has required tons of work. Like the rest, this one requires such a long line. Back to some very boring laryngeal strengthening exercises. Blah. But I do know that they pay off in the end.

I'm due at a rehearsal for my NETCS engagement on Monday, and I've been so wrapped up in the Rutter that I have (ashamedly) not even begun listening to, much less rehearsing, my NETCS music...and there's a lot of it! Eeek. I'm a little panicked. I really need to be strong and know my part b/c I'm coming back to this group as a pro not just as little ol' me. So I guess you know what that means...the rest of the week/weekend will be consumed with music. Oh how I do love my iPod!

Speaking of music, I've been on a mad hunt for a big work that should be in my library. I have reason to believe that I've loaned the Mass to my boss at church, even though she doesn't recall having it to peruse. I searched this last weekend for it b/c I finally got a recording of the concert & wanted to follow along in my score. Interesting. Not where I thought I left it. Looked through the whole library. Not there. That's when I remembered that I'd maybe loaned it. So I checked with the boss lady last night. Granted, we weren't in her office where she could look in earnest, so the "no" was more off-handed than certain. But I was still surprised to hear the "no." So I looked for it again last night when I got home but to no avail. Either I have indeed loaned it or it's in the scary office with another work that I seem to be missing (how the middle of the night, quite literally, I realize there's a second one missing. I don't remember seeing the Requiem when I went through the whole library looking for the Mass.) That's strange. I have no recollection of loaning that to anyone. So that means that I've done something with part of my library.

(Realization) Oh lord. If the missing works are in the scary office, it may be weeks before I find them! Sigh. Don't you just hate it when you can't put your hands on something? And when you're talking about a full score, well, now two full scores, you're talking about a serious expense to replace them if they don't turn up. Plus, you've lost every helpful note you wrote in the originals. If I happened to loan you a score or perhaps two, could you remind me so I can quit fretting about what happened to these two jewels? And preferably before I tear my house apart this weekend really looking for them? K. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yesterday was a loooooooooooooong day. After work, I dashed home long enough to let the dog out, powder my nose & change into comfy clothes. I then jumped in the car for a voice lesson & subsequent rehearsal. I finally got home about 8:45 pm. Yuck! Those kinds of days are why I've given up theatre for a little while--same kind of schedule. And this girl needs her beauty rest in order to avoid being a stark raving b....well, you know what I mean.

The rest of the week isn't too bad, but it's still looking crowded. Because I did stuff around the house this weekend, I never got to the grocery store. Sigh. So that means that I get to face that after work today. Ugh. Not my favorite. I'll go home, take Dori for a run, and eat before facing that task. Perhaps by then the stores will have cleared out from the after-work rush. Tomorrow will be another long day. I have a rehearsal at 6 & 7:30. So I'll get about 30 min at home before heading out for another late evening. Thursday I'm having a belated birthday dinner with a friend. Friday (cross my fingers) should be a quiet evening at home. All in all, the weekend should be quiet, I think.

Derek got the results from his physical today, and he's not a happy camper. On the upside, his blood pressure is fine & he's not diabetic. On the downside, his cholesterol is quite high. His doctor wants to put him on meds immediately. I, however, think that's a stupid idea. Doctors are too quick to shove a pill down a patient's throat than they are to attempt to remedy a malady naturally. Let's consider some mitigating factors--ones I'm sure the doctor didn't ponder before recommending a pill. Being in sales and on the road every day, Derek does not have the best diet in the world (lots of food on the go, like hamburgers and fries) and he does not take the time to exercise regularly. I don't want Derek taking meds that he may ultimately not need. So he's going to spend the next three to six months (he hasn't decided but I think six months is a better marker) making positive changes in diet and exercise to see how much he can bring down his cholesterol. At the very least, I'll feel better knowing that he tried even if he ultimately ends up medicated. It may be that his genes are against him on this one, just like my genes are against me in the blood pressure dept.

All in all, this turns into something great for both of us. My clothes are getting a little snug, and I don't want to go back to being Fluffy Susan. I was doing so well until we started jetsetting the last month or so. Now the scale spits out a number that I'm not happy with, and clearly my clothes are saying the same thing. So we're finally going to do what we've talked about for the last year: join the local gym. Sure, I'm still going to run with Dori b/c she loves it & needs the exercise herself. My runs with Dori are just too short to do me any good, but I can actually get in a good workout (beneficial to my snugness problem) at the gym. I hope Derek & I can go to the gym together (accountability is key to a successful regimen), but I doubt he'll want to keep my early-morning workout hours. Hey, I know my weaknesses--I can think of a million excuses for not going after work!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Productive Weekend

It was a busy one, indeed. Friday was the only quiet day of the whole weekend. We enjoyed an evening in in front of the tv. I worked on laundry but was otherwise unproductive. Saturday, I got up & made Derek breakfast. Then I started the house cleaning. Fun. Not! But it had to be done b/c it hadn't been done in a while. Gross. Anyway, got that done pretty quickly. Worked on more laundry in between. Then I got ready & met friends for a belated birthday dinner. We had a fabulous visit & I got some Kohl's bucks to spend. Whoohoo! (Thanks, Gayla & Heather; you're too good to me!) I wish I could remember some of the things I told them I would blog about; they were funny. But sadly, my some-timers has stolen those brilliant ideas for the moment. Hopefully they'll come flitting back this week (or one of the girls will remind me). Today was the usual. Sang three terrific anthems at church. Then I came home to work in the craft room. I had lots of thank you cards to make!

Got those all done. So now I'm preparing for the week ahead. I have a busy evening tomorrow--voice lesson & rehearsal. I really should be singing now, but I just realized I'm missing Desperate Housewives!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Where to Start

Had a terrific birthday dinner with the family last night. What's better than squeezing 7 people around a table meant for 6 at most?! =) We had a nice visit, I got some great presents, we enjoyed good food, and there was even cake. Can't complain about any of that!

Got Dori's bloodwork results today. Everything is back to 100% normal. Yay! She will continue taking two medications indefinitely--they have no side effects and support liver function--and we'll continue feeding her as much as she will eat. She's going to stay at the vet while we're in Vegas...just in case. We think this first round of antibiotics will be enough, but there's no need exposing her to other things & sending her off to get exhausted (after playing hard) at camp to find out. Hopefully we're in the clear for the long-term. At this point, she's scheduled for a routine follow-up in 6 mos.

Guess what I'm doing this weekend?

Gee...was it that easy? Yep, I'll be cleaning & doing laundry. My house is an utter disaster...for me anyway. And I need to get the inside clean so I can start on the garage. With winter quickly approaching (I hope), we need to get the pellets for our new fireplace insert. And since we'll be ordering a ton of those (50 40-lb bags), we need to make space for them. And that means getting the garage in order (finally). Guess that means I need to get to it.

Oh, I did take a few pictures in Napa, though I wish I'd done better. Anyway, here's the album--what there is of it. I'll do better next time!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


To all of my friends and family, thanks so much for all of the birthday well-wishes sent my way. The cards & sentiments were appreciated (and the loot hasn't been bad either!). It was a great day.

In other news, Dori is at the vet today for a check-up after several weeks of meds. Since everything will be checked by blood panel, it may be next week before we know anything. She's holding steady at 47 lbs--a little thinner than we'd like to see her--but with that healthy appetite, we hope to see her back up to a healthy 55 lbs over the course of the next month. We'll up her soft food and veggie snacks to see if we can put some meat back on her. We're going to start walking several times a week to work out some of that extra energy she has now, so she'll definitely need some more calories to compensate.

Apparently, this is the year for travel for us. Derek just called and invited me to a training course in Vegas. He'll be working during the day, so I hope to sightsee. There's lots to do on The Strip ... or so I hear. We'll be staying at Paris hotel. Oo-la-la. It's a short trip, but I should at least be able to take in the major sites close by.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to ... ME!

I love stretching my birthday out as long as possible. Don't you? Got cards from friends & family yesterday. And my neighbors had a cookout for me last night--complete with a pan of brownies with frosting. YUM-MY! Unfortunately, Derek had to go to work, so he missed it. He ran in the door to give me my (early) present & then headed straight for Waxahachie. And then it turned out that the break was so bad it had to go recon instead of trauma. Bummer. Think it was after 11 when he got home--I don't know, I was sleeping. I digress. Anyway, one of my bosses is taking me to lunch today. My mom called just a bit ago. I'm meeting family for dinner tomorrow night. And I believe there may be several other lunches & dinners in the works. Oh, how I love to make birthdays last as long as possible!

And look what my dear, sweet husband got me for my birthday! (Mine has a silver face instead of black.) Yep, I'm definitely spoiled.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Of Birthdays & Such

Dori apparently had quite a time at the vet's office while we were in Napa. Derek picked her up yesterday morning. The girls in the office said they weren't "sure whether they wanted to let Dori go home." They really do love her up there. The girl checking Derek out even said, "looks like somebody got lots of playtime." One of the girls went back to get her from her kennel while Derek was paying. She made the mistake of telling Dori, "your daddy's here to get you" before she'd put the harness on her so Dori bolted from her kennel to the front to see her daddy--all wiggles & licks (and she's not a licker). She was quite excited to see him. As soon as she got home, she wanted to go inside to see the cats (and do a million zooming laps around the house) before going outside. I can't say that I got quite that kind of greeting when I got home--she was napping by the time I got home. She's still doing terrific--taking her medicine well, even perkier than last week, eating like a champ. She took her last antibiotic for breakfast, so I guess she'll be going for follow-up on the hepatitis later this week. Let's keep the fingers crossed that it's acute & not chronic!

In other news, I'm about to celebrate a birthday. It's hard to believe that a year has come & gone. Seriously. And this, to me, is a more monumental birthday than last year. I'm now "in my 30s" and not quite sure how to feel about it. I don't feel a day over 25. Funny. Age, I guess, is relative. Apparently, I don't look a day over 20--or so everyone says each time I'm asked for i.d. And yet, there are times that my age is vastly apparent--like when you spend a weekend with someone who only has vague recollections of the 80s. Wha?! Oh well. Another year is always better than the alternative.


I feel like feeding time at our house is sometimes like this--for critters & people alike.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Be Observant

Our weekend in Napa was fabulous. I wish we'd had more time there--a day or two at least. We happened to be in the valley for harvest, so it was pretty busy. And we encountered a lot of traffic driving up the mountains into the heart of wine country on the two-lane winding highway, so we spent more time in the car for the 20 miles or so we drove than we anticipated. But we still hit a few of the big vineyards on our must-see list and have some terrific wines on their way to us sometime in the next few weeks (if temps cool off enough for shipment from the valley to here, that is). We hope to attend the same conference next year to hit some of the other vineyards we just didn't have time for. Plus, we have a feel for the area & I feel more comfortable venturing out on my own than I did this trip.

Coming home, our plane was delayed so our 8:30 pm arrival at DFW became 10:30 pm. Ugh. Thankfully we didn't check luggage so we were back at the car & on our way by a little after 11. The rest of the ride home proved more eventful than either of us would have liked. I'm driving along talking to Derek and all of a sudden he says, "slow down & let this car pass." I hadn't even noticed the car that was in the lane to my left until he mentioned it. I was putting along about 65 in the center lane. So I slow down to let the car pass. Instead, it slows down to match speed. I speed back up. The car accelerates. Derek says, "get over a lane." So I get over in the right lane. Sure enough, that car gets over too. I'm going in to panic mode. Derek says, "floor it." I speed up to about 80 and that car absolutely guns it to catch me. I immediately let off the gas & start a quick deceleration. The car begins doing the same. It's still ahead of us as we approach an exit and Derek yells, "" I barely make the exit & thankfully that car isn't able to follow. We then start talking about it. He had noticed the car long before he told me to slow down & let him pass. Apparently, it had come up on us & was speeding up and slowing down, checking out the car the whole way. We have no idea what the person's intention was, but it became very clear that the intention likely wasn't good and we should do whatever we could to get away. We surmised carjacking or robbery or something worse. I only wish we'd had time to report the car to 911 before we evaded him. I wouldn't be surprised if he began stalking another car after he lost us.

But this brought to mind an important lesson that I wanted to share. Be aware. Be observant. Don't panic. No matter the time of day, pay attention to who's driving around you & their behavior. If you have reason to believe someone is scoping you out like this guy was us, do your best to lose him or get to a safe place as quickly as possible ... even if that means abandoning your car as you run for safety. I was telling Derek that, had I been by myself, I probably wouldn't have noticed this car until it was too late. I get in the car & drive and pay very little attention to anyone else...unless it's plainly obvious they're after me. This guy was simply scoping out my car. And I can guarantee it would have taken me quite a while to even notice it. And if I'd noticed it, I know I would have panicked. I'd like to think my first instinct would be to call 911. I've certainly called in my fair share of aggressive drivers. But would I have thought to call in a car stalker? Derek stayed cool as a cucumber as he was giving me instructions. He's definitely the reason there is nothing more to the story other than "what might have been." I hope that I'm able to stay calm & be smart if I'm ever faced with another scary situation like this. I've certainly thought through some scenarios for future reference. And quite frankly, so should all of you.

Stay safe out there.

One word: WOW

I promised a Lion King review and here it is. WOW. Really. That's about all I can say. It was a fabulous production that I could see over and over. And it's on my list to see in New York when I go again next year.

The music was, of course, terrific. The script was straight from the original movie (with the addition of "Morning Report," which is in the most recent re-released version of the movie on DVD (and not a favorite of mine), and maybe one other song). The actors were superb and perfectly voiced (as in, they sounded as close to the originals as you could possibly get, which wasn't necessary but certainly nice when you love the movie as much as I do). The costumes were knock-down, drop-dead gorgeous. Phenomenal. So lifelike. Just amazing.

I think we spent most of the show with our mouths open. And we stood on our feet applauding for a long time at curtain call. If you haven't seen this show, don't walk...RUN to the nearest theatre showing it. It will be worth every single penny you pay for a ticket. And I highly recommend floor seats--center aisle if you can get them. Our floor seats, even though on the side aisle, were awesome!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So Much to Do

There's so much to do before our weekend get away/working trip to Napa. I haven't even started the packing list, much less picked up everything we need. The house hasn't been cleaned. The laundry isn't finished. And I have other fun things to do between now & 5:30 a.m. on Friday! Like... go see

I'm so excited that I just can't even stand it! My mom, grandmother, and I will be going with a group of kids from mom's school. We have terrific seats on the floor--right where the action will be...or some of it anyway. Can't wait! This show comes highly recommended by so many people; I know we won't be disappointed. Look for a raving review sometime this weekend, assuming I do any blogging while in Napa.

Speaking of Napa, I'm kinda in panic mood over the trip. I was thrilled to find that the weather will be nice during the day (71F Fri, 74F Sat, 77F Sun), but I'm a little concerned about nighttime temps (41F Fri, 44F Sat). Those of you who know me know that I'm exceedingly cold-natured. And pretty much anything below 70F means that I have a sweater on. So packing for this trip will be tedious. I'm an overpacker by nature. And a place like this makes it more difficult. I'm thinking I'll mostly pack sweaters b/c I don't anticipate doing anything so active that I'll sweat very much. And I'm definitely sure that I'll leave the swimsuit at home. Brrrr. No going to the pool when it's less than 80F! Evening wear will be difficult. Sleeveless dresses are probably out. Guess that leaves me to pants suits. We'll be entertaining clients at night, after all.

Aside from the woes of figuring out what clothes to pack, I haven't gotten our toiletries in order. Sounds silly. But with such a short trip, we have the option of carrying on all of our luggage rather than checking bags. We still haven't decided on this detail. If we carry on, I have to buy smaller toiletries for some of our day-to-day items b/c of the TSA restrictions. Hopefully Derek & the other people traveling with us will get this figured out. Then I can make my obligatory trip to the store...or not.