Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend Approaches

Yay! It's Friday! This has been one of the longest weeks on record, I think. Sure seemed like it anyway. I'm glad for a weekend that isn't filled to the brim with things to do so that I can make my own to-do list instead. I have oodles of laundry & house cleaning to do. But it's nice to know that I don't have to get in a hurry to do any of it b/c I'll have all weekend. Super yay!

Dori is home recovering. We picked her up last night (and the bill was smaller than anticipated!). She wasn't as loopy as last time b/c they were able to heavily sedate her as opposed to using general anesthesia like last time. So her recovery has been much faster. She's still a little dopey this morning, but she should be completely back to herself by the time we get home from work. She also had a little breakfast this morning. It wasn't a lot, but hey, it was something! I started with the SD d/d duck & potato dry food, but she wasn't interested. So I heated up some of the SD d/d venison & potato soft food that was in the fridge. She wasn't overly thrilled with it either but with a little coaxing & hand feeding with a fork, she did eat a little for both of us. B/c I wanted her to eat more than a few nibbles, I stayed home a little later & cooked her some broccoli & brussel sprouts. She happily ate almost all of the sprouts & some of the broccoli (until I tried to trick her into eating more of the d/d soft food by putting it with a piece of broccoli & then she turned her nose up at both...shame on the mommy!). I left all of the food choices down in the room where she's staying today in hopes that she'll eat some more as the day goes on. I gave her the anti-nausea med, even though I'm not convinced that she needs it, just to be sure that nothing inhibits her appetite.

And just in case I haven't mentioned this before, we absolutely love our vet clinic. From top to bottom, they are the nicest people you'll ever meet with a genuine love of animals and concern for animal welfare. They've been so sweet through this entire process with Dori's illness. Anytime she stays with them, we know that we've left her with people who will oooohhh & aaaahhhh over her as much as we do. And it shows b/c if you say "Dori, do you want to go to the vet," she runs to her leash & gets all excited and she's just as excited when she walks in the door of the clinic. It's so wonderful to know that the staff of our clinic love our dog as much as we do! For this, we say thanks!

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