Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Settling In

We've both officially worked a day this week. Surprisingly, neither of us had a difficult time getting up. It was sooooo nice to be home in our own bed (lack of Sleep Number bed made us appreciate it all the more). Derek's business meeting went well. And he's gotten some good news the last two days about pending set sales. Looks like several big ones may actually go through before the end of the year (fingers crossed...prayers said). And his caseload continues to be steady. I came back to a mostly empty desk, so it took about 20 min. to catch up--the beauty of taking a vacation at the beginning of the fiscal year. I have yet to touch any of the dirty laundry. I was definitely pittered out by the time I got home. I rescheduled my voice lesson. I did manage to cook dinner though and got the good photos up on Snapfish. I'm still working on uploading everything to Picasa so I can upload/embed the slideshow for you guys to see. It will likely be the weekend before that's finished--there are over 350 pictures to get uploaded! But here are a few more teasers.

Volcano National Park

Kona Chocolate Plantation


Sunset over Maui

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