Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quiet Weekend

We've enjoyed a nice, quiet weekend. Friday night we celebrated our neighbor's birthday with homemade hotwings and a gathering of friends. Saturday we spent all day getting the filing sorted & ready to go into the filing cabinet. I've been avoiding the filing for...oh, I don't know...more than a year b/c lots of the stuff goes back to the end of '05. Sad, I know. Aside from the fact that I'm ready to get Derek's office in some semblance of order & this is where the piles of filing have been multiplying like bunnies....the real motivation is that we've put off getting everything together for the accountant until the very last minute. So going through all of this paperwork was more a matter of necessity. The dining room table is completely covered with piles and piles of sorted paperwork. Now it will be going to its proper home...and may we never let it wait this long again! While I was sorting the filing, Derek was working on his portion of the records for the accountant. I'll be glad to be finished. We took a break last night to enjoy some wine & cheese over a movie. It was a nice, quiet evening. Unfortunately Derek had to go to work this morning, so our plans to go to church together were thwarted once again. I appreciate the business since it pays the bills, but it would be nice if he could get one weekend without working! (I didn't have to sing this morning, so we would have gotten to sit together. That doesn't happen often.) So I've had a quiet afternoon to myself. The cases have been lining up, so it will be a late night for him, too.

On a different note, Dori is continuing to improve. She still has a healthy appetite, waking me up the last two mornings for breakfast at her regular (very early) weekday time & begging for dinner in the evenings. She's had veggie snacks & has gobbled them up, as well. We took her to PetsMart yesterday since we needed kitty nibbles. She had a blast walking through the store, greeting everyone she met. She put on her best show for everyone. We're so thrilled that she's virtually back to her old self. While we're in Napa Valley next weekend, she'll be staying at the vet again. We debated about sending her to camp as planned but decided that since she'll still be on meds that it would be better for her to be at the vet instead. The vet's office is terrific about giving Dori lots of attention even when she's boarding, so we know she'll enjoy her time there. Maybe when she's 100% we can send her for a weekend of unbridled playtime at camp.

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