Friday, September 14, 2007

Quiet Weekend Planned

This has to be the longest four-day week on record. I thought Friday would never get here! I'm still soooooo tired. I think it's a combination of jetlag and allergies. The allergen counts have been off the charts this week. But thankfully, the weekend is finally here and I plan to do lots of resting.

Poor Derek is on call this weekend. And if it goes as he thinks it will, he's going to be busy...and very likely not with his cases. But we'll see. There was some mumbling about that today, and I don't know if he'll actually have to cover those cases or not.

My biggest plan is to rest. I have to do laundry too (but that's a relatively restful activity). All of the suitcases are now empty, so I finally have everything in the dirty clothes. I hate having tiny loads. The cleaning will wait until next week after I've rested. I have to sing a wedding tomorrow and two church services on Sunday. I also have audition music to memorize and a few cards to make.

Dori has today decided that she doesn't want to eat. But that was just breakfast. We'll see if I can coax her to eat something for dinner. Derek and I think it might be her new allergy med so we're going to d/c it and see if that helps. I'm also going to the store to buy her some different food. She begged for broccoli last night, so I think she may just be turning her nose up at her usual food b/c she's tired of it. But tonight I'm going to cook her some venison & broccoli and see if she'll eat it. All I know is that I do NOT want another vet bill like the one the first of the month!

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