Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hungry Husky

Let's just say that Dori's making up for lost time. When I got home yesterday, she had eaten all of the broccoli I had left for her. After I let her out to potty, she came back inside and followed me to her room where I was about to pick up her dry & wet food b/c I didn't think she would eat it. Well, she started going to town on it as if to say "yo, I just wanted an audience. it's not that I wasn't going to eat it." Anyway, she ate most of the dry food and all of the wet food and then she begged for more. So I refilled the wet & dry food, which she wasn't as interested in, and then made some more veggies, which she happily gobbled up. *Whoohoo, we did a little happy dance.* It's so good to see her eating again. She ate little bits all night long and woke up this morning just as hungry. She's had wet food, dry food, brussel sprouts, and several separate helpings of broccoli today. I think I'll branch out on the veggies for dinner so she doesn't get bored. It seems our sweet Dori is very much feeling like herself again. Yay!

In other news, we've spent the day cleaning house. It took me more than hour just to clean the master suite. Yuck! But recovering from vacation & then worrying about the dog has sapped all the energy I might have otherwise put into housework. I still have a few hours of work on the floors--okay, maybe just a little over an hour--and then it's time to hit the laundry that's multiplied like bunny rabbits while I wasn't looking. Derek's been extra helpful & tackled the dishes and bathrooms. The house should (mostly) be in order once the day is done. That's a nice feeling. Perhaps I might actually get that time in the scrap room that I've been hoping for.

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