Monday, September 10, 2007

Home Again

We made it home safe & sound from Hawaii. It was a long trip home, flying overnight & arriving at LAX at 4 am today & not hitting Dallas until 1 pm. Whew. We dumped the bags at home & then picked Dori up from the vet. She was SO excited to see us! And we were happy to have her home. She was a good girl for the vet and is 100% back to herself. Thank goodness for that. The cats were happy to see us to, though I think they were pretty disappointed to see the dog come home. Tomorrow we both go back to work. Derek has a big branch meeting so he'll be working late tonight getting a report prepared. I just hope to go back to work to a (mostly) empty desk. I'm sure we'll be dragging for the next few days--just as soon as you adjust to Hawaiian time, it's time to come home & face the jet lag that direction. I'll write a full trip report this weekend complete with slideshow.

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