Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dori for Liver Biopsy Today (updated)

Dori's done very well at home the last day and a half. Tuesday night she was absolutely exhausted after staying up for two days at the vet's offices. So she pretty much sacked out as soon as she got home and slept the entire evening. Yesterday morning she was a little perkier. By yesterday afternoon, she seemed more like herself--happy face, tail wagging, chasing the cats, sniffing hiney (hey, she is a dog). She's still not eating, but I think it's b/c she doesn't like the food the vet told us to put down and not b/c she isn't hungry or feels sick to her stomach. I know this b/c she's begged for food the last two evenings, but we refrained from giving her anything aside from the dry food the vet recommended. I'm going to check with the vet today & see what we might be able to cook for her or what other food we might be able to give her since she clearly refuses what we're currently serving. She's still drinking lots of water, so she's at least staying hydrated. But I would like to see her eating again, particularly now that she's showing signs of wanting food.

Today, she's back at the vet's office for an ultrasound-assisted needle biopsy of the liver. The biopsy will be sent to a lab for detailed pathology. In a nutshell, we hope this testing will tell us what is attacking her liver. The vet seems to think it's hepatitis, but honestly, there are hundreds of liver diseases--viral, bacterial, autoimmune, congenital. We want to know for sure rather than guessing. I should have more info when the vet calls later in the day.

{UPDATE} Dori came through the procedure fine and is recovering well from the anesthesia. The biopsy was successful, and the samples are on their way to the lab. Test results should be in by early next week, at the latest. Today's ultrasound still showed a suspicious gallbladder, so we will be watching this closely in the coming weeks. It is possible that it may ultimately have to be removed and could be a small part of what's currently going on. The vet is still convinced that test results will show hepatitis. Dori will be ready to come home this afternoon. We now have instructions on what foods we can offer her. Dori will be happy to know that we can feed her any veggie she's willing to eat. We'll also be trying the Science Diet d/d again and discontinuing the z/d since she's obviously taken a dislike to it. We will have anti-nausea medication to give this weekend, which should encourage her eating and help her recover from the anesthesia. Recovery will take most of the weekend b/c of the compromised liver. All in all, things went well today. We simply have to wait for the test results to see what further steps we'll be taking.

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