Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dori Doing Better (updated)

In case you didn't catch the update at the end of yesterday's post, Dori had a good day yesterday. She did not throw up at all and went outside and took care of business without any trouble (not that that was ever an issue). She was very talkative and alert all day. The vet anticipates receiving the test results today. Meanwhile, the vet is treating the illness as if it is pancreatitis and Dori seems to be responding well to this treatment. She was transferred to the emergency clinic last night for continuous IV fluids (she can't be trusted to leave her IV in without supervision...naughty girl).

I called the emergency clinic this morning to check on her. Dori did superb last night. Again, she did not throw up at all and she was exceedingly talkative all night long. She's alert and perky this morning. Clearly, she's doing well. She will be transferred back to our vet this morning. I'll post updates as they come in today.

UPDATE: Dori is coming home! Pancreatitis test came back negative--everything was completely normal. So now we're down to a primary liver ailment of some kind. The vet is leaning towards hepatitis. Between now and Thursday, we'll discuss several testing options given to us by the vet. Ultimately, we would like to know exactly what's wrong with Dori, so the antibiotics/liver drugs (whatever those are) option is out b/c it's just throwing drugs at the symptoms without knowing the underlying cause. That leaves us a few non-invasive tests and an invasive procedure.

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