Saturday, September 08, 2007

Aloha from Maui

Well, the trip is winding down & I’m just now taking the time to sit down with the computer to post anything. Here’s a brief rundown of our week. We had no trouble getting to Hawaii. Our flights were all running ahead of schedule, and we had the fastest ship check-in time ever (less than 5 min). Monday we explored Nawiliwili on our own and then went to a luau in the evening. Tuesday was a very early morning. We met our tour at 6:30 a.m. for a day of mudbugging on the old Nawiliwili sugar plantation where we had an absolute blast getting dirty. We had a gorgeous view of the Napali coastline and the Forbidden Isle as we sailed by on our way to Hilo. Wednesday we went on a tour of Volcanoes National Park, Mauna Loa macademia nut factory, and Rainbow Falls. The volcanoes were amazing; photos really don’t show the beauty and majesty that seeing the park in person does. It’s amazing to stop & think that you’re standing on top of a live volcano—hot liquid magma sloshing around just under your feet. We stopped by the botanical gardens on the way to the Macadamia nut farm. The flowers grow so much better here than they do at home. Thursday we were in Kona where we took the Flavor Explosion tour—the Kona coffee farm, chocolate farm, and the vanilla farm. Lots of sampling along the way, of course, and many purchases too. Can’t leave home without the goodies you can only get here! We are currently in Maui where we’ve lounged around enjoying the beach and the scenery. We’ll be back in Honolulu tomorrow where we’ll tour Pearl Harbor & the USS Missouri before hopping the overnight flight home. Anyone thinking of coming to Hawaii should take a cruise—you see the best of the isles while only unpacking once.

Two updates: first, my ear seemed to make the flight over fine & has remained clear while I’ve been here. Of course, I’ve continued to take the steroid pack, which may be the only thing helping. I feel confident I’ll make the flight home fine too. And then naturally, one of my first stops will be the ENT’s office to see if we can clear this up once & for all (and especially before we fly to Napa Valley in 3 wks). Secondly, Dori is doing just fine. She’s completely back to herself and keeping the vet’s office very much entertained. We did get her pathology results back and they came back absolutely clear. Her liver number that was so out of whack is on its way down—more than half of what it was when we first checked it last Thursday evening. We’ll be checking those numbers again in a week or so to be sure they’re continued downward back into normal range. All in all, her illness is a complete mystery to the vet. There was clearly something going on with the gallbladder just given the ultrasound, but the pathology told us nothing about what it was. Perhaps we caught it early. Who knows. All we know is that she’s better now and having a good time at the vet’s office.

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