Saturday, September 01, 2007

Almost Ready

Today has been BUSY! Naturally, we're packing & doing all of those last-minute things before the trip. I think I'm all packed, except for those things that will go in the suitcase in the morning. Derek hasn't even started, but that's pretty typical. Granted, I've been doing his laundry all day too b/c he couldn't seem to get it all in the hamper in time to do it any earlier.

We saw Dori today. She stayed last night at the emergency facility again. She was still very loopy from sedation from the ultrasound, so the vet didn't want to send her home. Plus, she wanted Dori on IV antibiotics and fluids all night. They transferred her back to our vet this morning b/c she's well enough to stay with them over the holiday weekend rather than having 24-hr care at the emergency clinic. And that, my friends, is a terrific thing (not to mention CHEAPER!). She was perky & alert & very happy to see us when we went to visit this morning. You could tell she was feeling better. So we feel such a relief knowing that we're leaving her on the mend & eating again.

Unfortunately, my ear issues have returned. This is pretty scary for me b/c I know that tomorrow's flight does pose some risks. But I'm doing everything I can think of to prevent a perforation of the eardrum. I started another round of steroids this morning, more decongestant, and will do everything else the doctor suggested pre-flight to ensure no major ear troubles. I also bought Earplanes at the suggestion of my voice teacher, who uses them when she flies (and she's had perforated eardrums). Hopefully, all of those things will protect my ear from major damage during our long flights on this trip. Of course, when I get back, I'll be going to see the ENT to see what we can do long-term to finally resolve the problem. Meanwhile, say a prayer that the flights won't bother my ears.

See you all in week-ish.

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