Monday, August 06, 2007

Summer's Here

Man, was it HOT this weekend. Shockingly, we've not had a 100F day yet this year. But the heat index has sure made it feel in the 100s. I about melted into a puddle working in the flowerbeds. And no, I'm not finished cleaning them out yet. (A few hours every evening this week, and I should have them clean by the weekend. It doesn't help that the flowerbeds with the most overgrowth are on the west side of the house. It's only cool in the mornings back there, and none of my weekend mornings were free for weeding. So I was forced to be out during the heat of the day.) That hot, humid air made for very short periods of work. And I also came face-to-face with a snake. Yes, you read that right. My little "friend" looked a lot like the picture here (right (no, I didn't take this picture)). Thankfully, the ribbon snake is non-venomous and not really equipped for a successful bite to a human or large animal. And I didn't encounter him while I was actually cleaning out the flowerbed. I noticed him about 8:30pm when I was letting Dori outside to potty. Needless to say, until I figured out what kind of snake he was, I was pretty freaked out. I hustled Dori back inside before she saw him and got curious. But this does bring to mind a lesson my daddy taught me: never work in the yard without proper attire--gloves, long pants, eyewear, a hat, and tennis shoes.

Derek's cadaver lab went splendidly. There were about 15 doctors in attendance, along with many residents and other Stryker employees. Everyone came away happy and ready to use the product in the OR. This is good news, of course, particularly since this piece of big, complicated equipment comes with quite a hefty price tag. After a long, taxing day, Derek enjoyed lounging around the rest of the weekend.

I finally picked up some digital layouts from the printer. They look fabulous. For those of you into digital scrapbooking, I highly recommend PolkaDotPotato's printing services. And from my recent research, she's by far the best pricing in town or even on the web. You can pick up or have your stuff shipped to you. And she's just about the nicest gal you could ever meet.

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