Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Some Ramblings

So I know most of you are curious to know how my ear is doing. Well, I'm happy to report that today, it does not sound like someone has stuffed cotton balls in my ear! There's definitely some relief of the pressure, too, because my ear has been popping. And when I blow gently, it does help. So...all in all, I'd say I should be completely sky-worthy by Sunday. I still plan to take some precautions before takeoff & landing, just to be on the safe side.

This weekend was pretty productive. The house is clean, for one thing. So I can just hit the high spots on Friday or Saturday before we leave. I also have the trip stuff gathered, labeled, and ready for packing, which means that I've made the packing list, the instructions for the cat sitter, the vet release in case of a feline emergency, the packet of travel info (doggie camp info, car rental info, flight stuff, cruise stuff), and the lovely banner I'll post on the blog to remind y'all that we'll be off soaking up the rays in the Aloha State.

I've also finished rereading all of the previous Harry Potter books and have officially begun book 7. I can already tell that this is going to be a hard one to put down. I may be mostly finished before we ever leave on Sunday! But there's still a lot to do, so we'll see how much reading time I actually put in before then. (And whatever you do, do NOT tell me a solitary thing about this book or I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN & KILL YOU. Okay, well, maybe not kill you, but I'll be really peeved & probably never speak to you again! I've managed to go all summer without hearing a single spoiler. Pretty impresive, and I'd like to keep it that way.)

So the rest of this week will be spent doing all of the last-minute laundry for the trip, not to mention the last-minute shopping. Derek needs some new clothes lest he go naked. And there are always the things you forgot to buy on the shopping trip. So we have to go back for those things.

Skipping to a totally unrelated subject, I had my first voice lesson of the new year--assuming you're on a fiscal year rather than calendar year. And since my voice teacher likes to spend her summers in the mountains, we're on a fiscal year. Anyway. I was a very bad voice student. You may remember that I was supposed to be cross-coaching while my voice teacher was away. But I ultimately decided I needed a hiatus. I had been going non-stop since last October--I needed a rest! And while I should have done a little bit of practicing on this lovely break, I didn't. But I don't think I suffered vocally. At least she didn't mention it last night at my lesson. So this fall, I hit the ground running but not so much with activity as with coaching. I'm in a place where I can look forward to that. And that's a good thing! So we go on vacation & I return for two weeks of cramming before a big audition. One song I know pretty well. It still needs polishing, but it's mostly memorized & stylized. The other is new but shouldn't be too difficult. And I'm taking a third piece--it's one from the show, which I'm thinking they will want to hear. Definitely want to be prepared if they ask for it. Like I said, I'll be hitting the ground running.

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