Friday, August 31, 2007

Poor...and We Haven't Even Left Yet

It's been an exciting few days at our house. Dori has not been feeling well for at least the last week, which culminated this week into not eating. After three solid days of refusing her food, we bribed her with one of her most favorite food toppings: salmon. She wolfed it down (no pun intended...she's a Husky...get it?). And sometime in the night, she politely gave it all back...or at least a fair portion of it. Poor baby. By end of day yesterday, she had been sick three times. So we took her to the vet. Derek spent 3 hrs in the vet's office where they ran all kinds of tests. And nothing really seems to make any sense. Lots of things contradict themselves. Some things point to this, other results point to that. The vet is baffled; we're baffled.

So she spent last night at the emergency clinic on IV fluids b/c she's a bad doggy & won't leave IVs alone and must be supervised when she has one. Called this morning and she did just fine & is up whoo-whooing at them this morning as if to say, "hey, why am I still in this cotton-pickin' cage with an IV in my arm and where's my momma?! somebody get over here and pet me!" She'll be transferred back to our vet this morning, where they'll run a few more tests to see if we can at least get a diagnosis before we leave for vacation. Dori's supposed to go to camp tomorrow, but she may be disappointed to find that she gets to spend a week at the vet's office instead of a week at Camp David.

The funniest thing about this whole saga is that Dori hasn't really acted like she felt bad. She's been a little lazier than usual, but it's been really hot & lazy tends to be her MO in the summer anyway. She's chased the cats, floor/counter surfed for yummy nibbles, run around & played, barked/sung, and just generally been herself. It's all very puzzling--to us and to the vet. And even the vet said that an overnight of fluids may be all she needs to be up & at 'em, leaving us to wonder what on earth could have caused all this. For my own piece of mind, I hope that's not the case--I want to know something concrete.

Dori's been a bit of a puzzle this last year anyway. She's had more than one bout with these symptoms--no eating, getting sick, etc. One time, we decided it was likely a rancid bag of food. Another time, it was a "good" bacteria that had gotten catterwompass and ultimately become a "bad" bacteria b/c its numbers in the digestive tract were out of whack. The last time, we decided that it might be a food allergy, so we switched her to an ultra hypoallergenic food and she's done great ever since that switch.

Two weeks ago, she went for a pre-camp check-up & we got some new meds. Since that time, these symptoms have cropped up, and she's lost 6 lbs. Derek and I are thinking that, since that's the only thing that's changed in the last several weeks since all this has started, perhaps those med changes are partially responsible for whatever's going on. But it's just a guess. Hopefully, today's round of testing will yield more concrete results leading to a firm diagnosis. I'll keep ya posted.

Meanwhile, please say some prayers for Dori.

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