Thursday, August 30, 2007


Okay, now that I've figured out that I have to post in the rich text editor in my email host....

So, while we're away on vacation, assuming I want to or have the time, I may post trip highlights. I thought it might be a good idea to try this mobile blogging thing before I actually waste my precious internet minutes on the ship--they're pricey, after all.

I'm attaching a comic that I keep meaning to post b/c I also want to see how attached photos will appear. So there ya go.


MOM said...

whatever all that means. :P

JanaRae said...

Huh? What? You can do what? Please teach me---after you get back, get unpacked, and get the laundry done. :-) And if you do, I'll say, "Mahalo."

For now, I'll just say, "Aloha!" (And if you get to see a black sand beach, it's a much cooler thing than it sounds. Everyone should be able to wiggle their toes in black sand at least once in a lifetime, repeating to themselves in amazement, "It's *sand.*)