Thursday, August 16, 2007

Make it Stop!

All I have to say is ... someone please make this pounding in my head go away!!!! My headache is markedly better than it was yesterday. Yesterday's bordered on a migraine. I'm not really sure how many Advil I ended up taking by day's end, but I'm sure it exceeded the recommended dosage on the bottle. Yeah, yeah, I know...not good for me and all that. And that's why I gave up Advil, except in absolute emergencies, several years ago (eating at my stomach and all) and started drinking green tea (maybe it's psychosomatic, but I think it does help). But yesterday was horrible. I know it's 100% related to my allergies/ozone. We've had ozone alerts every day since last week. Ugh. So that also means I haven't slept well ... Advil PM to the rescue (kill two birds with one stone).

So we've slept on the new Sleep Number bed two nights now. As with any new mattress, it's an adjustment. It's not squishy soft like my old inner spring mattress. That's what I really like, but I know it was horrible as far as support. My back has not been achy the last two mornings and my favorite hip on which I sleep hasn't been bothering me either. The support is definitely better. I'm still tossing and turning, which is probably part adjustment to the better support and then the allergies-not-letting-me-sleep-well thing. Derek doesn't toss and turn as much as he used to, and he says his back feels fine. Can't say that it's any better than sleeping on the floor, but it's also not worse (like it would get when he tried the other mattresses). So, as of day two, we're still happy with the purchase, though definitely in the adjustment phase. In another few days, we may play with our sleep numbers and see what that's like.

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