Thursday, August 02, 2007

An Interesting Read

Got the deposition record today. That's made for an interesting evening read. We get to review it to make corrections. I've just given mine a once-over and read Derek's testimony for the first time, since I wasn't in the room when he gave his depo. That attorney was a total jerk to both of us. My blood pressure went up just reading all that. I don't look forward to the thought of trial--I'm not sure I can hold composure twice! My co-workers are looking forward to watching it though.


troisieme said...

hey! i have a deposition to review, too! in fact, they mailed it to me a long time ago, and i keep putting it off. you'd think if it was that important, they'd have called me by now to harass me about it. i figure when they send me the reimbursement for my plane ticket & hotel, that's when i'll send them the depo. take THAT, state farm!

Susan said...

unfortunately, we only have 20 days to review ours. after that, they submit it on our behalf without our signature.