Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm a 25

So here we are almost two weeks as happy Sleep Number bed owners. I finally decided to play with my sleep number since I was still tossing & turning after a week. I went softer. Guess what? I've slept like a log ever since. Derek is still rolling along on 55, happy as a clam. He hasn't complained of back pain & interestingly enough, his snoring is better. He has had a CPAP machine for a little over a year b/c he has obstructive sleep apnea that could be corrected with CPAP instead of surgery. Anyway, he still manages to take the thing off in the middle of the night, a lot like those of us who wear retainers never make it through the entire night with that in. Before the bed, it was obvious that he was maskless b/c he was snoring like a freight train. Now, I don't think he snores when the mask comes off. I don't know if it has to do with proper body alignment or what. It seems that might be keeping his soft palate from obstructing his airway. Or maybe I'm sleeping better so I don't notice the snoring. Just thought it was an interesting observation nonetheless.

My ear is no better today, but I've only taken two doses of meds thus far. My allergist said to expect some changes by the first of the week--some crackling and popping as the pressure begins to lessen. And let's hope he's right. It could otherwise possibly mean surgery and/or trip cancellation. And I'm not interested in going under the knife again & I really don't want to miss this Hawaii trip. Thanks.

So mom & I decided that there's no more yard work for me for a while. Given the fact that my allergies are absolutely going berserk right now, it certainly won't help the ear situation. Then you factor in the fact that I do sing for a living and that opens up a whole new can of worms. A singer's ears are just as important as the voice! Anyway, since my number one sensitivity is fungus & mold and working in the yard certainly exposes me to those things, especially since we've had such a wet year, yard work is out until spring and perhaps not even then. Kinda sad, I like working outside. Granted, I loathe weed-pulling, but overall, I love planting/having flowers & herbs and keeping the shrubs & trees nice and neat. We'll see.

So today I've cleaned house instead. But how can you clean house if your allergies are all whacked? Well, I have a really nice vacuum that sucks everything out of the air and off surfaces and traps it in water. Plus, it has a HEPA filter that filters the air that goes out as exhaust, thus trapping any little critter than might think of taking flight back into the air. This vacuum is actually recommended for people with allergies. So now the floors & surfaces are all clean. Derek gets to clean the bathrooms since I'm sensitive to the bathroom cleaners. Then the house will be sparkling before we leave. I can just give it the quick once-over late this week.

Now I'm making the packing checklist. I'm a freak about lists. Funny thing is, I lose half the lists I make. And then about a quarter are just me thinking I'm going to accomplish a lot of things that simply won't happen. About the last quarter are actually helpful. Packing lists definitely fall in that category. I love checking off everything as I pack it in the suitcase. And assuming I've remembered to put everything I'll need on the list, then nothing gets left behind. I also have to make the checklist for the neighbor taking care of the cats. She always makes fun of me for leaving her this long list, but in the end, I know it's helpful. I don't always store things in the most obvious places to someone else. Just ask Derek. He thinks it's weird to keep SpotShot underneath the bathroom sink. So in the event Kelli needs something like that, b/c I'm sure someone will leave her a "present" or two while we're gone, she'll know where to find the clean-up supplies. And I always leave vet info and a treatment release letter to give the vet. Dori's going to camp, so I don't have to worry about her. They have all the info they need in case of emergency. Plus, they have an onsite vet.

I can't believe we'll be leaving in a week and a day. I have lots to do!

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