Friday, August 31, 2007

Dori Update

More tests were run this morning, and here's what we know. Her pancreas and liver look great. Her digestive tract looks fine (no obstructions). Her gallbladder is enlarged and does have sludge in it (though it's still pretty free-moving, which is good) and this is cause for some concern. They were able to aspirate a sample of the sludge and have sent that off for further testing. There are several things that can cause an enlarged gallbladder and sludge--the primary being infection. While awaiting lab results, which could take several days, we're beginning antibiotics. The vet is also prescribing a bile acid that will keep everything free-flowing in the digestive tract, particularly in the gallbladder, so that things continue to process as they should. This afternoon, they're working to get everything stabilized and to get her eating. Somewhere down the road, she will likely have to have her gallbladder removed. But for now, the vet does not think this will be necessary.

Dori will not be going to camp but will board at the vet while we're away. We thought this was wisest b/c she is simply not well enough to go to camp to run & play & get hot. So she'll be boarding in the emergency portion of the clinic this weekend (no room in the inn with it being a holiday weekend...she does not need critical care, though the extra attention she'll get in this portion of the clinic will be much to her liking). She should move to the kennel portion of the office after the holiday. We'll be calling home each day to check her condition and make further decisions about treatment and care, assuming any is needed.

I'm just thankful all of this cropped up before we left. I would much rather make these decisions now than have to leave them to someone else and/or make them while I'm supposed to be relaxing. I'll still worry about her while we're gone. But I know that we're doing the best thing we can do for her while we're away. Everyone in the vet's office loves Dori and she loves them. She'll be very well cared for.

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