Friday, August 03, 2007

Audition Notice

A friend of mine is directing Brighton Beach Memoirs at Kaufman County Civic Theatre (in Terrell, I believe). There was not a terrific turn-out for auditions. As a matter of fact, the following three roles have had no readers thus far:

Kate - the mother, early 40s
Blanche - the aunt, late 30s
Laurie - 11 yr old cousin

Naturally, allowances can be made in the age department. If you are interested in participating in this show, whether in the above-listed roles or any of the others in the show, please contact Marty Scott to schedule an audition. Rehearsals begin August 27th.



i regret that i have an accent :-) it has always been my dream to try out

The Calvinator said...

Susan, thanks for posting this.

aleksandra, don't worry about an accent. Heck! around here, we all have them.