Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No Worries

I'm fine. For those of you who have heard about the explosions at Southwest Chemical, which is not very far from my office (just across 35, as a matter of fact), we have not been affected. We have not been evacuated. I can only assume that that is because the building I work in is a designated nuclear fallout shelter. We did feel and hear the explosions that occurred soon after the fire started. We have not heard any further explosions for quite some time. I believe the black smoke is still billowing, though I have not checked a window lately (I'm in an interior office). All of the major news stations are carrying the story, if you're interested. (DallasNews, WFAA, NBC5, etc.)


sarahk said...

Glad you're ok. I can't imagine hearing and feeling it. That must have been scary.

The Calvinator said...

I thought somebody was working on our roof until there was a major boom that rocked the Crowley Courts building and caused it to sway a few inches. I went to a south facing window and watched the "fireworks" for about 20 minutes. Acetylene tanks were shooting into the sky and some landed as far as two blocks away from the blast site.

If we were still in our drought, there would have been a major problem from grass fires.

Susan said...

my grandmother & i had that very discussion...if we hadn't been inundated with rain the last several months, that situation would have been a lot worse! i know there are lots of families thankful that everyone in that area returned home.