Sunday, July 22, 2007

Long Weekend Over

Well, my long weekend is coming to an end. And I'm pleased to report that I accomplished a the craft room. (check out the craft blog for all of our accomplishments) Just a few more layouts of DC and that trip will be finished. And I've put quite a dent in the cruise, though some of those I will likely duplicate in paper format since all of the layouts from this weekend are digital. I have to admit, this weekend seemed a lot longer than three days. I'm not sure if it's b/c mom & I stayed up so late & woke up so early (considering bedtimes anyway). Or maybe it's b/c I've been in my pjs since Thursday evening. No matter, it was nice to be home. Mom & I already decided we'll be doing this again before school starts. It was so much fun to scrap together--bounce ideas off each other, share supplies, etc.

Guess what arrived today care of my DH? Yep, HP! I'm currently rereading the entire series. While some people may read just a book or two before the newest one, I've found that I like having the whole story in sequence. will be a little while before I'm actually ready for 7 (since I'm currently in 2), but it's here when I get to it. SO DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING if you've already read it!

Derek is currently mowing the lawn. And I must say that I'm glad to have him doing it. Man, that's a tough job! He was going to wait until tomorrow, but since neither of us heard the forecast for the week, he decided to get it done while it's (relatively) cool and definitely dry.

I'm now loafing in front of the tv. While my creative juices are still flowing, I'm really tired and plan to get to bed early to face the work week.


The Calvinator said...

You'll Love Deathly Hallows! I read it in 10 hours spread over two sessions. It is incredible.

Olga Foster said...

the books are way better than movies!

sarahk said...

Snape kills Dumbledore! oops. Spoiler. ;-)

Susan said...

sarahk, you so funny!