Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Interesting It Was Indeed

This afternoon's deposition would certainly prove how attorneys, in general, have gotten a bad rap. Attorneys present: two representing our neighbors (A), one representing the contractor (B), one representing the contractor's employee (C), who apparently has been countersued by the contractor for faulty workmanship or some such nonsense. Attorneys not present: attorneys for big telephone company.

We appear in A's office for the deposition. Everyone is on time...surprisingly. Given the fact that I blew the whistle on C to B and ultimately got reimbursement from B and would thus have a greater knowledge of our situation as a whole, I got to go first. Yippee for me.

Naturally, A questioned me first. I laid out the facts about our situation and answered a few other questions. A passes me off to B. B starts off relatively nice but very quickly our little Q&A goes south...very south. I believe I actually screamed my last answer at him, as a matter of fact. He, folks, is the reason attorneys get called pricks...pardon my french. But I handled my own, thank you very much. Attorney B was as nervous as a squirrel on crack right off the bat, and to say that I put him off his rocker is an understatement. He didn't like my answers at all. I had him very rattled, particularly when I quipped back at him in exactly the same tone he bit at me. Take that, evil attorney man! You don't intimidate me. My middle name is intimidation! So there. I won't answer your question the way you want it answered. I will answer with the truth. I am, after all, under friggin' oath!!!! He ultimately gave up on me. And/or he ran out of probative questions germane to the topic at hand.

Attorney C asked just one question and chose to "defer the remainder of my questions to trial." Lovely. Guess I'll be making an appearance at trial in September. I'm super happy. NOT!

Derek was next. Attorney A accosted Attorney B in front of Derek for a number of things, including the way he treated me and told him he'd "better not treat anyone else the way you treated her." Ha, yeah right. He was equally as much a prick to Derek as he was to me. (Sorry, folks, there's just no other way to describe this guy. He lived up to our preconceived notion of his character--slimy, smarmy, and a first-rate pompass ass!) I don't think Derek actually had to scream at him, but he definitely had to raise his voice.

Trial, assuming we're subpoenaed, and there's little doubt we will be, will be even more interesting. Why? The big dogs will be there. I can only imagine what their counsel will be like!

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