Monday, July 16, 2007

Having Title Issues?

Have you noticed Blogger being a little hinky lately? won't let you (at least easily) give your posts a title? Yeah, apparently, you're not alone as I've noticed several other bloggers mentioning it. A few things I've noticed:
  • Let the entire page load before clicking anywhere with the mouse. This seems to let you click directly in the Title Box very easily (at least today).
  • Click multiple times in the Title Box. Eventually, the cursor appears or you'll at least be able to type something there.
  • Click on the word Title. More often than not, this has worked best for me. It puts the little cursor in the entry box.

This may all be moot as it seems to be working much better today than it has for the last week or so. So I'm guessing that someone alerted our good friends at Blogger of the issue and they've since fixed it.

We'll see. Just thought I'd pass along what little I'd figured out in working with the issue.


Olga Foster said...

my problem is that when i enter the title, which i have no issues with, then the blog will not post for all to see...if i remove the title, it posts! :(
go figure!

MOM said...

I'm sure I don't have a clue what you are either one talking about. My titles remain in my head just fine.



Mary Lou! Sometimes it's better that way