Thursday, July 19, 2007

Friday For Me!

Today is Friday for me. Yippee! I took off tomorrow. Mom's coming over & we're scrapbooking all weekend. Yay! Maybe I can finally catch up on long-neglected projects. I've managed to (mostly) finish the NYC layouts. I still have the Spamalot layout and summary/trip journal layout to do. Otherwise, those are done, done, done. Up next--DC (from 5 yrs ago...ugh). Have some great ideas. We'll see how they come out on paper.

Last weekend I was completely unproductive. Well, that's not entirely true. I did finally finish all the laundry. 10 loads later. Whew. Now it's time to start over, but it won't take long as there's not much to do. Oh, and I also mowed the front yard--Derek wasn't able to do that before he went to Vegas (on business) b/c the yard was too wet. Man, that's a lot harder than I thought it was. I won't bug Derek so much about it anymore. That's hot, sweaty work! Thank goodness we have a self-propelled mower. I'd hate to think how much longer (and harder) the job would have been had the mower be Susan-propelled! Our whole lot is graded. Yuk!

Aside from lots of time in the scrap room, I'm not really sure what's on tap this weekend. I have several friends in musicals which all open this weekend. Some run only this weekend, while others are for the next two weeks. Guess I'll be in the theatre parts of the next two weekends. Fun!



Your mom said you will be stopping by to see me too (to start on Alexandre's scrapbook project)

MOM said...

I won't let her forget.