Thursday, July 12, 2007

Appraisal Update, etc.

After much (half-hearted) searching, Derek was unable to find the original spec sheet we picked up from the builder. However, I was able to find our floorplan on the builder's website. Though the graphic was low-resolution and was most illegible when it printed (no matter what I tried), I faxed it off to my friendly appraisal guy. He called back and said that was exactly what he needed. So...we avoid the hearing originally scheduled for tomorrow, and we have $2000 knocked off the appraised value. Success! (Next year, I know what I need to take to my meeting to get even bigger reduction. And I'll have it all in hand.)

Derek is off in Vegas for the next several days. It's Stryker's mid-year sales meeting. He tried to take me along, but ultimately, corporate said no. (Even though they ended up putting him in a single room in the end!) That's okay, Vegas isn't one of those places that I have to see. And besides, Hawaii is around the corner, and I'd rather spend the money there!

Anywho, with Derek out-of-town, I have the house to myself. That means I can hole up in the craft room without anyone saying, "why don't you spend time with me?" That is, unless you count the meowing four-paws who seem to ask that very thing. I simply say, "nothing stops you from laying in the floor in the craft room while I'm in here!" Meeko & Dori certainly enjoy it. The others simply enjoy avoiding Meeko & Dori and letting everyone know about it. Critters, I swear they're 2-year-olds with a lot more hair!

It's been very hot and humid the last several days. My potted plants tell me about it every afternoon as they droop. So now I'm having to water them. The last two days, we've had severe thunderstorms rumbled over. The lightning has been amazing. If I didn't have such a healthy respect for it, I'd try to take pictures b/c it's been quite a light show! Yesterday it rained pretty hard--the day before it was mostly lightning. Have a feeling we'll get those kind of storms every afternoon so long as it's hot & muggy--in the 90s with about 80% humidity. Gross!

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