Monday, July 30, 2007

Almost August, Vacation Countdown, Better Sleep Perhaps

Not much to report since last week. I'm really suffering with my allergies. I'm taking every bit of my prescribed medication plus trying a bunch of other stuff and am not getting much in the way of relief. For those of you who don't suffer from allergies, a flare-up really makes you feel like you've been run over by a big truck--no energy, crappy sleep, the general blahs. Needless to say, I've been an absolute slug since about the middle of last week. I haven't gotten out much b/c I haven't felt up to it. And this weekend I tried working in the yard b/c the weeds are absolutely taking over, and I paid the price for it the remainder of the weekend. (Sorry, Heather, that's why I didn't make it to DY)

It's hard to believe it's about to be August. The summer is really flying by. And that means that it's just a little over 30 days until our Hawaiian vacation! Whoohoo. I'm getting excited already. We have our tickets, the excursions are booked, I now have all the luggage I'll need, we have some new summer clothes. We're really looking forward to this vacation. We haven't been a big vacation since '05. So it's definitely time for a respite.

And on a related note, Derek was able to book two of his doctors into a Stryker-sponsored course in Napa Valley the first weekend in October. And this is a trip where spouses can tag along. Score! I'm soooo excited. Derek and I think of ourselves as wine nerds, and we'll be right in the heart of wine country. It's a pretty brief trip, but we should be able to do some good touring.

About the only thing we accomplished this weekend was purchasing a new mattress. Derek has been plagued with back problems, and they've really compounded over the last year or so. It's to the point now where he cannot sleep on either mattress in our house. In fact, he's been sleeping on the floor for about a month now b/c it's the only thing that doesn't aggravate his back. Lovely. Anyway, we've done research on mattresses and ultimately decided we would check out the Select Comfort Sleep Number beds. Namely, it solves two issues: 1) I cannot sleep on a hard mattress (sleep number: 30), while Derek cannot sleep on a soft mattress (sleep number: 55) and 2) it's supposed to help people with back problems. We know a few people with this mattress, and they all have spoken highly of it. And you get a 30-day in-home trial. So, we bit the bullet. Our bed will be delivered sometime in the next 10 days. We'll see if the quality of our sleep improves. I can tell you that I did notice a difference between the Sleep Number bed and our mattress in the in-store evaluation. I'll keep you posted on how we like it.

This week will be busy...sort of. Derek has a lot of business dinners to attend. And we're still trying to get our 06 taxes together and to the accountant (sorry, dear, I can't do your stuff for you...all your info is in your phone!). I have to get that yard work done...if it kills me.

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JanaRae said...

"1) I cannot sleep on a hard mattress (sleep number: 30), while Derek cannot sleep on a soft mattress (sleep number: 55)"

Okay, are the sleep number folks paying you---or is this already a hidden commercial. :-)

Hope it's fabulous for y'all! (I'm lucky that neither Howard nor Sophie can voice complaints about the bed.)