Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer Officially Begins

With Secret Garden officially closed, my summer truly begins. And it's ironic that my quote-a-day calendar says

If you are setting new goals for yourself,
be sure to put enjoyment of life at the top of the list.

-From Simple Wisdom by New Seasons Publications

Right on! And that's exactly what I intend to do with the remainder of my summer. I think I've mentioned before that I have absolutely nothing on tap until at least September. And while I was at first a little upset by this b/c it translated into failed auditions, I began to appreciate the thought of free time. I haven't had any of that since the fall.

So now I begin making the summer to-do list. I'm pretty much reiterating my list of 07 goals. While I've done pretty well crossing things off that list, there are still quite a few things remaining:

  • Finish sealing kitchen tile
  • Finish staining fence
  • Finish cleaning out garage
  • Finish cleaning out flowerbeds
  • Finish travel scrapbook
  • Clean out/reorganize closets
  • Paint interior walls

And while I might not complete all of these before year's end, crossing anything off the list will be an accomplishment. Does this really seem to fit with "enjoyment of life?" Well sure...if you're A-R/O-C like I am. Will these things be on Derek's list of "fun things" to do for the summer? Heck no, but he'll have fun anyway...b/c I said he will!

Completely unrelated but flitting across my mind, 'tis time once again to tinker with my blood pressure medication. I went for my six-month check-up last week. My blood pressure was running low (100/68) and has been for a few months. While I've had no adverse symptoms, like dizziness or lightheadedness, my doctor wants me to cut my current dosage of atenolol/HCTZ in half and closely monitor my bp to see if it comes up some. I suppose my low bp could explain my recent fatigue. Though I've attributed it to a horrific allergy season, perhaps hypotension has been a contributor.

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