Sunday, June 10, 2007

Reality Check

This proved to be an interesting weekend indeed. Today was a long rehearsal--the first in full costume. While this made things interesting, what really shook things up was nothing that occurred onstage. You see, one of our cast members has been battling cancer for some time. He's quite the trooper apparently. He's dropped in and out of rehearsals over the last month. And anytime he is absent, no one really worries--they just assume he's not feeling well b/c that happens often when you're in a battle for your life. Well, last week, he was MIA. Naturally, everyone assumed he wasn't well. He was at rehearsal yesterday. And come to find out, he suffered a heart attack last week. And it wasn't just a small one. It apparently required resuscitation, 9-1-1, the whole nine yards. To say that we were all shocked that he was at rehearsal was an understatement. He looked great. Who would have known he'd technically died for three minutes just the week before?! After almost two hours, he did begin to look a little peaked. But it was pretty hot in the theatre, particularly with the layers of not-so-cool costume pieces we were wearing. He disappeared for a while and a fellow castmate decided to look for him. He found Blue in the lobby, on the floor, leaning against the wall, obviously in pain--he was having another heart attack. He had already taken nitro, which had done little to alleviate his symptoms. Someone called 9-1-1. He was rushed to the hospital. We took an early dinner break. Trying to get back into rehearsal right away wouldn't be possible. We did ultimately continue rehearsal--all wondering what kind of news we might hear of Blue. As of today, no news. No news is good news? What a reality check for all of us. You never know what struggles another faces--how his troubles differ greatly from your own--how each breath, each heartbeat is a gift. God be with you, Blue--we wish you good health.

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sarahk said...

Oh wow! What a trooper. I hope he returns to good health.