Monday, June 11, 2007

Our Houseguest

Our four-legged houseguest is now approaching a week's stay. I was able to spend large chunks of time with him this weekend. Our little Siamese is such a sweetheart. He wants nothing more than to be with people. If you sit down with him, he rubs on you, sits and stares at you with those I-know-you-want-to-pet-me green eyes of his, flops down beside you and rolls over for a belly rub, and ultimately crawls in your lap & cuddles up for a nap. He's so personable. Anyone looking for a doglike cat, our Siamese houseguest is definitely your guy. He'll follow you wherever you go, he's a terrific "helper" (he even helped me water & plant flowers), he loves to be carried around, he'll snuggle up with you if you let him...must I go on??? In the week that he's been with us, we haven't had a single call about him. We were hoping the "found" messages at the vets' offices and the animal shelter would uncover someone looking for this handsome guy. I mean, he's probably a $200-500 cat!! So now...the hunt for a suitable home begins. Don't get me wrong, we would love to keep him. BUT...we already have a house full. We would love for him to go to friends b/c then we could visit him whenever we want...or at the very least, keep up with him after he leaves us. Please consider adopting him.

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