Friday, June 15, 2007

Another Blog

One of the many hobbies I have is paper crafting. Primarily, for me anyway, this includes scrapbooking, stamping, and cardmaking. I began scrapbooking just before Derek and I got married (almost 7 years ago!) after receiving a scrapbook kit as a wedding gift. Since then, my hobby has grown and expanded--as have my skills. While my singing prevents me from staying as "up" on my craft as I would like, I still manage to do a significant amount of crafting. I got into stamping and cardmaking about a year ago when my mom introduced me to stamping. Given the fact that I have all of the basic materials to make my own greeting cards, it only made sense. Since then, this part of my paper crafting hobby has really taken off. I'm often asked to make cards for others and who doesn't have a million & one things to get/send cards for?!

The new blog will be devoted to examples of my scrapbooking layouts and greeting cards. I'll do my best to post often.

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