Thursday, May 31, 2007

Update on My Uncle

You may remember that my uncle Gregg was due to have surgery at MD Anderson to remove a tumor from his abdomen, as well as portions of his liver and colon. The surgery was successful. Here is the message from my aunt:

Gregg had his surgery, May 9, at M.D. Anderson in Houston. They removed the right lobe of his liver (Dr. said it was about 60% of his liver), a small portion of his stomach, a small portion of his colon, a small cyst outside of his liver and a layer of fat around the abdomen which sometimes hides live cancer cells. Dr. Abdalla said that the primary tumor had twisted his stomach and was entangled in his colon. He said that they untwisted the tumor from the stomach and it was only attached by a small piece and he just clipped it off. The medication that he was taking (Gleevec) had done its job and the tumors were dead. The pathology reports also showed that the margins were clear. God had been very good to us and sometimes miracles come differently than we hope. Of course, Gregg would have loved to been spared of this surgery but we are so thankful for the outcome. He was released from the hospital May 17. The doctor released him to travel home and we headed home on Sunday, May 20. He has had some good days and some bad days but that is to be expected with a major surgery. His appetite is low right now but I hope to have him on a high protein diet very soon to encourage the regrowth of his liver. Dr. Abdalla says that now all he has to do is heal.

Thank you for your prayers!

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Olga Foster said...

We will definately pray for him!