Friday, May 04, 2007

So Much To Do...So Little Time

It's been another wild week--not so much in scheduling but definitely in the weather department. In all of my years of living in Texas (and that's a long time, folks), I cannot recall a spring as active as this one. Is it because we now have better storm tracking abilities? The news is more interested in reporting it in a sensational way? Global warming is affecting weather patterns? Whatever it is...for the last month, we've had severe weather at least once each week. When I say severe, I mean wall clouds and tornadoes. This week, it was Wednesday. And I got stuck driving right in the middle of the worst part of the storm. Derek tried to convince me to skip choir, but as a paid singer, you can't really do that. I had kept an eye on things up until I had to leave home and thought I could get there before the worst of it hit the area I would be traveling...WRONG. But despite the blinding rain, hurricane-force winds, and serious flooding I encountered along the way, I made it to my intended destination safely.

Last night, I found out that I'm officially playing the role of Sarah in Irving Chorale's concert production of Guys and Dolls in May. While I've studied some of the music, I really haven't sunk my teeth into the role because (a) I wasn't sure I could sing the production at all and (b) I wasn't sure I would be cast as Sarah. So I've really put myself in a pickle b/c I have precisely twenty-two days before performance to learn my lines and my songs. I'm not worried so much about Sarah's songs. One I took to NATS so it's it in good shape. The others are familiar. However, Sarah has a lot of dialogue, and although this is a concert production, I really would like to do as much as possible off-book. This wouldn't be so difficult if I weren't also studying and rehearsing my role as Claire in The Secret Garden for RCT. Needless to say, the next twenty-two days will be "vewy intewesting," to borrow a phrase from Elmer Fudd.

It will be a busy weekend. Derek's gone to NYC on business, so I'm home alone. That means only one person will be home to accomplish all of the housework. Whah. If he had stayed home, I would leave him to all of the yardwork so I could focus solely on the interior, which is quite disgusting. But I have no plans until Sunday, so I will spend tonight and tomorrow doing as much as possible. I hope to have the house sparkling by noon tomorrow. I think that estimation is a little optimistic given the fact that I haven't done my usual serious cleaning in well over a month. So while I would ordinarily be able to do a serious cleaning in half a day, it will likely take me much longer to rid the house of all the dust bunnies, spider webs, dirt & grime. Plus, mom is coming to stay the night Sunday, so I would like the house to be guest-worthy. So...I may or may not get to the yard until next week. Meanwhile, the weeds are laughing gleefully as they proliferate in my flowerbeds, the fire ants are breathing a sigh of relief that they get a reprieve from poisoning for another week, and the grass is harrumphing that I'm not feeding it as scheduled.

Speaking of mom, we are super excited about Sunday. For Mother's Day last year, my brother and I bought her tickets to go see Dallas Summer Musicals' production of Wicked. (And I bought myself a ticket cashing in a gift certificate given to me by my attorneys for Secretaries' Day.) Why last year? Well, to get good seats, you had to buy tickets when they first went on sale...which was last spring. We have terrific seats on the very front row of the lower balcony. I've read nothing but great reviews for this particular show, so we are super excited to be going. Since it's such a late show (curtain is at 8 p.m.), we both took Monday off. So she's staying over, and we're planning to shop on Monday. Whoohoo!

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