Monday, May 14, 2007

Productive Weekend...Mostly

What a nice weekend. Finally, we went a few days without rain...not that I'm complaining about all the rain we're having. It's great. But to see the sunshine after so many days of clouds, well, it's just nice. You'd think I'd spend the sunny days outside, but the funny thing is I spent all weekend inside. It was hot & muggy, for one thing. Plus, I had lots to keep me busy inside. But it was nice to have the shades open and not have to turn the lights on, too.

I spent the weekend catching up on laundry. I've said it a hundred times before, and I say it again--how on earth can two people have so much laundry?! I also spent quite a bit of time in the music room--preparing for my audition & working on Secret Garden music. While I didn't really do anything fun, it was definitely a productive weekend. My audition for Little Women went well, I thought. I did an impromptu read for Meg, though I really think everyone had to read for someone. Thus far, I haven't received a callback, and given that those auditions are tonight, I'm thinking I probably won't. But I still feel good about the audition even if I ultimately am not considered for a role. I certainly have enough to keep me busy and would welcome a summer break if I'm not cast. I might actually get caught up on my scrapbooking. So many little time.

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