Monday, May 07, 2007

Ireland, Here We Come!

If you've scrolled down to the bottom of my blog recently, you may have noticed that I added a second countdown clock. What countdown clock? There's the one for the cruise that's basically visible all the time if you're in the habit of visiting any of the links in the sidebar or scrolling to look at the sidebar. If all you do is read the latest blog entry, you've likely missed one or both of the countdown clocks. And it's the bottom one that I'm about to tell you about.

Every few years, the Chorale takes a summer tour. I have only had the opportunity to go on one tour with them and had a blast. Mom was my touring buddy on that Austria tour b/c Derek couldn't go. And I couldn't go on the 2005 tour because it coincided with an anniversary cruise. In 2008, the Chorale's touring again--mom & I are going to Ireland! You'll probably hear a lot about the tour as we began saving in the "Ireland fund."

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