Friday, May 25, 2007

Holiday Weekend

Whew, made it through another (long) week. It's been a tough week. Can't really explain why. Every day seemed to drag. Why is it when you're doing something fun it seems you never have enough time in the day but when you're working the day can't end quick enough? My allergies have been in full swing this week. That just generally makes me feel like crap so I've been cranky. My sweet husband has been oh-so-patient, but I think he might be a little put out with me.

When I got home from rehearsal last night, he was almost finished putting his new birthday present together but was having a little trouble with the regulator on the gas tank. He decided to upgrade the grill, yet again. I don't suppose I can complain too loudly--we do use the fooey out of the thing. Anywho, I, being a nice wife, admired his new grill and oohed & ahhhed over it appropriately before going inside to get ready for bed. When I walked into the bedroom, I was met with a very icky eau de litterbox, and I must say, my stomach did a little turn. So I turned on my heel and headed back out to the garage to tell the litterbox emptier that he'd neglected his duties, in a nice way, of course. And I was met with, "I don't care about the damn litterbox." (For any of you who don't know Derek, this is out of character for him. I think he was a little cranky about the regulator thing.) Well, alrighty then. Apparently someone has had a bad day. So I quietly closed the door and went to bed. And do you know that stinker didn't even come tell me goodnight?! Perhaps he'll be in a better mood this morning. I'm almost afraid to call and see. =)

We're both looking forward to the weekend, even though our fun must first be met with chores. We're having friends and family over for the holiday. So we have the usual list of things to do. With all the rain we've had this week, the yard definitely needs tending--particularly the back where we'll be grilling & hanging out. I hope to finally finish the flowerbed clean-up and since some of my periennials have chosen not to appear, I'll be planting replacements. And since some of our guests will be overnight visitors, I need to attend to the inside, as well. So it's a typical weekend at the Fox household...clean, clean, clean. Yeah, I guess that is all we do.

Speaking of the holiday, I do hope that we will all take a moment or two to thank all of those active and retired military personnel who have fought so bravely to award us all of the liberties we so freely enjoy today.

On Monday, May 28th at 3 p.m., please join the U.S.O. in a Moment of Remembrance to remember those brave and proud Americans who have died for our freedom and to honor those who are currently serving.

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