Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Weekend Upon Us

It's been a busy week, so I've been remiss in posting anything. And now another weekend is about to be upon us.

Had a very nice weekend. Friday night I had sushi with the neighbor. It's one of our favorite foods and neither of us had had it in a while. Then we came home and sat on the patio for the remainder of the evening since the weather was nice. Dori particularly enjoyed this b/c she got to play outside while Kelli & I chatted. I did, indeed, get the house all sparkling. It took me 8 full hours on Saturday. I didn't quite get finished with everything, but all of the parts of the house that a guest would see were definitely c-lean. I'll get the other spots this weekend.

Mom came over Sunday. We enjoyed a nice dinner at a Greek restaurant in Uptown--one that I have frequented. And then we headed to the music hall. Overall, I would say that we were underwhelmed by Wicked. I know, shocking. Overall, I felt that the story dragged. And there were several songs that were just downright too long or altogether superfluous. But all in all, the singers were fabulous, and my favorite songs are still my favorite songs particularly now that they have context. We were especially disappointed with some sound issues that made it difficult to understand the words of most of the songs. You would have sworn you were listening to a Russian opera. The dialogue was clear as a bell but as soon as anyone began to mush. Mom and I totally enjoyed ourselves on Monday though. We visited a scrapbook store that's been on our list for quite some time. We had a great time looking at every single thing in the store, and we both bought most of what we intended to. If we hadn't been rushed to get to things in the early evening, we would have marked every single thing off our lists. Then again, what fun would that be?! We have another trip planned for Memorial Day.

This week begins the marathon of rehearsals. Remember me saying I wouldn't double-book myself ever again? Yeah...well...I did. But sometimes, you have unexpected opportunities present themselves. And present themselves they did. As it stands right now, I should have some semblance of a weekend each week. So at least I'll have the opportunity to stay caught up on rest. Whether or not I can pull off two shows with simultaneous rehearsals? Well, that remains to be seen. I'm a little anxious at this point.

Saturday I have an audition for Little Women that will run the first part of August. I'm not as prepared as I would like to be. I prefer to take two pieces to an audition, even when I know there are scheduled call-backs. Why? Well, because you often find that you're asked to sing something else. But...the audition call only asked for one prepared piece so perhaps I won't get burned by not being prepared with two. I do still plan to finish learning the second piece. I actually already know it b/c it's one of my favorites; I simply don't have it committed to memory.

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