Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weekend Update

Made it through a slow week. Ever have those? Where the weekend just never seems to come soon enough?

Enjoyed an evening with a new neighbor last night. He's in the Navy and has tons of interesting stories to tell. Haven't a clue what he actually does. It's classified, so he can't tell us. Anyway, we cooked out, shot some pool, and just generally shot the breeze.

I've gone back to my country roots. Last night we became the proud owners of a Ford F150 Super Crew. It was a deal we couldn't pass up. And we often find ourselves needing a truck. And when you don't have one, it's a pain to find someone with one who's free to help you out when you're ready to do something. We're pretty proud of the new purchase and think it will be great to have around.

Today we enjoyed a day at the Byron Nelson. Actually, I enjoyed the day more than Derek did. He had to work the Stryker booth in the pavilion while I got to traverse the course. He had the afternoon shift, so it was already good & warm when we arrived and all of the players were beyond the early holes I wanted to sit and watch played. So I went to old faithful, number 17. As usual, pin placement was tricky. I saw some great shots and awesome saves. This year, though, I was disturbed by the vast number of rude spectators. In all my years attending, I cannot remember encountering so many who had no course etiquette. I did finally find a spot where I was out of the way of that kind of crowd and managed to salvage what I thought was going to be a rotten day.

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sarahk said...

yay for your purchase! i want one for my next vehicle. either that or another explorer, but they have to stop making explorers look like minivans first. what's important is that it has the keypad entry, because i'm a chronic keylocker.

you would think people at the Nelson would be better behaved. sorry you had to move like you were in a cheap movie theater with teenage kids on a tuesday night. that stinks.