Saturday, April 07, 2007


So last night's full-run, costume tech went fine. We actually got out at a semi-decent hour. And then...I made a bad decision. I decided to spend a little post-rehearsal time grabbing a bite with everyone. I mean, I really haven't gotten a chance to get to know anyone. The only time we've spent together is in rehearsal. And there hasn't been much down time there. Well, this would have been fine & dandy had we been able to get in & out of the restaurant quickly. But to say it was a fiasco is...well, an understatement. Another late night it turned out to be...I should have gone with my gut instinct & just gone home after rehearsal and caught up on sleep. Lesson learned. Today's 10 am rehearsal for Easter will suck b/c I'm tired & in no mood for it. And then it's straight to the theatre for final run-through & then the show. I'm excited, can you tell?

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