Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Planning Ahead for Me Time

Now that the crazy schedule of the last two-ish months is back to normal, I'm having a great time planning some me time. This weekend, Derek makes his second-annual trek to "the races" for a boys weekend, which means I have four days of peace & quiet that I can use as I please. And since the house is already clean, I can actually do fun things all weekend.

Now that Easter's come & gone, it's time to start thinking about the plants I'm going to buy. I have lots of perennials popping up so I really just need some filler here & there. With the drought last summer, I let all of my potted herbs burn into crispy nothing-ness. So I definitely have to replace those. Otherwise, I'm buying some spots of color, like gerbera daisies, zinnias, and salvia, b/c it makes me happy. So I plan to play in the plants on Saturday. Dori will be exceedingly happy b/c that means she gets to play in the backyard and "help." The husky's nickname is "Madam Helpful" after all. Trust me, she'll be in the middle of everything, but she has a pretty good eye for where things should go...once I get them back from her, that is. And the water garden needs a serious cleaning, the pickerel weed needs repotting, & my one lonely fish needs a friend or two.

Aside from the happy gardening, I may do a little laundry (heaven help us, we have no clean towels), scrapbook, and see some girlfriends. Otherwise, I'll watch HGTV, eat some bon-bons, and sit on my duff. Yay for me time!

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sarahk said...

eating bon-bons and sitting on one's duff are severely underrated.

sounds like a great weekend plan.