Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A New Week

The weekend sure went by in a blur. And there are just never enough hours in it. I managed to accomplish most of what I set out to do. The birthday party was a huge success and the surprise went over exceedingly well, as we suspected it would. Parts of the house are picked up and orderly. The laundry, as I suspected, remains where I left it last week...sitting in the dryer. I'll get to that tonight, I guess. The cards I promised my co-worker are finished & delivered--she loved them. I bought summer plants and have them planted (photos later). I bought new fish for the water garden, and they seem to be doing well. We bought new mulch for the flowerbeds but haven't gotten it out yet. I still have weeds to pull in the back and some in the front. I need to follow-up on the weed-n-feed by spraying the new sprouts, and it's almost time for the second lawn feeding. If it doesn't rain tonight, I can work some more in the yard.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first lesson with the new voice teacher. He zeroed in on several of my issues. The main goal we have is accomplishing a better chiaroscuro in my voice. Chiaro meaning the bright edge in the voice and scuro meaning the dark and round quality of the voice. Ultimately, you want a perfect balance between the two. Right now, my voice is exceedingly bright. It always has been. We do not want to do away with that quality. We simply want to add a warm, round sound to the bright. Ultimately, my voice will have a more rich, mature sound if we can accomplish this. I have a feeling this will be a long process. It means an augmentation of vowel production, a close attention to embouchure, a complete relaxation of the entire face, retraining my ear to listen for the new sounds. These things are not entirely new to me. My current voice teacher and I have been working on some of them for some time. But I have almost twenty years of flute habits ingrained in me, and they are quite different from those I should incorporate in my singing. I will only have three lessons with my new teacher before he leaves for summer vacation. I only hope I can retain all that I learn. I recorded yesterday's session, and I'm anxious to go back and listen to it. I'm always surprised to hear the differences that aren't apparent in the lesson itself.

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