Sunday, April 01, 2007

From One Whirlwind to the Next

This has been a busy weekend for sure. Yesterday, I drove to Fort Worth to sing at the Texoma Region NATS vocal competition. Because I'm old and not in an official vocal program, I could only participate in the "comments only" adult division. I was disappointed that I didn't get to sing the one aria that I really wanted critiqued. Our room was running at least 15 min. behind & no participant got to sing all of the arias. Unfortunately, they cut "The Silver Aria" for me. I did get to sing "Spring," a great contemporary art song by Argento, "Sonntag," or "Sunday" which is a German art song by Brahms, and "I'll Know" from Guys & Dolls. I'll get my comments from my voice teacher on Monday. I'm interested to see if I've improved since last year.

We had our first costume run-through at RCT. That was interesting. I have three quick costume changes in Act II. Hopefully I can manage them.

Sunday I sang two services at church. We sang Natalie Sleeth's Jazz Gloria in both services. It's such a fun contemporary mass. And I think it was well-received by the congregation, though I do think they were a little surprised by the electric bass & drums. Oh yeah, and remember my clock incident with the time change? Guess who's clock sprung forward this weekend? But I anticipated this & had set the alarm on my cell phone instead.

I spent the remainder of this afternoon grouting the kitchen backsplash. While it was indeed as easy as dad said it would be, I wasn't prepared for what hard work it would be. Dad neglected to mention that I would need the muscles of Tarzan to work the grout completely into the grooves and that I would need the flexibility of a Chinese contortionist to get all the way under the cabinets, particularly that blasted corner. But...after a minor panic attack over how quickly things were setting up, I did manage to complete the grouting. And while I intended to get my house cleaned when I finished, it took me so long to grout that I was exhausted & couldn't even fathom another two hours of hard labor. So I took a hot bubble bath, knowing that I would hurt in all kinds of muscles I didn't even know I had come Monday morning! I'm going to give it a week to cure & then seal it. Another few days & then I'll caulk.

This next week is packed to the gills with things to do. And guess what, yep, they're all rehearsals!

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