Sunday, April 08, 2007


I survived yesterday...and today, for that matter. The morning rehearsal for Easter Sunday was a fiasco, much as I expected. I was in very foul temperament, though I tried not to inflict it upon my neighbors at rehearsal. It seemed everyone went to bed very much past their regular bedtimes b/c everyone was a bit testy. I dashed home after rehearsal for a quick bite and to gather my things for the theatre. Final run-through was alright. We had a much longer dinner break than anticipated, which means I got a small nap which helped tremendously in the foul mood department. Last night's show was a huge success. We were completely sold out. I'm not sure what the final tallies were for attendance or the fundraising portion, but I feel certain we did really well. I managed to get home by 10:30. It was up early this morning, though, to get to church by 7:30 for a quick rehearsal before the 8:15 service. I wasn't "on" for this service b/c I was barely awake. I think we were all in the same boat b/c we were in much better voice second service. Now, I plan to veg out in front of the tv in hopes of falling asleep for as long as possible. Since my dear, sweet husband cleaned the entire house last night, I don't have to lift a finger today. Yay!

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