Saturday, April 14, 2007

Errands and Such

Well, we've all recovered from the night of storms. And all of the family escaped the storm unscathed. My parents were only hit with pounding rain and wind. The tornado touched down south of them, just as it did us. Thus far, the news is reporting at least four confirmed touchdowns, though that won't be officially official until the National Weather Service surveys each location. Judging by the damage captured on video, I would say it's safe to say that there were at least two touchdowns.

Today I did lots of running around. I met with my church choir director to plan a program I'm scheduled to sing elsewhere the first of May. I needed help pulling together music. I was on a good track, but she has a much bigger library than I so it was great to get a few extra pieces. I got the grocery shopping finished too. That was several stops in several places, so that took up the remainder of the afternoon. I'm now making dinner, sorting laundry, and just generally straightening up the house.

I had planned to buy flowers today, but it's f-reezing! Not to mention exceedingly windy. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow. If it's warmer, I might buy and plant flowers. Otherwise, that will be next weekend's project instead. Believe me, I have plenty inside to keep me busy all of this weekend and then some!

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