Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dessert Anyone

Today was fun. The youth had a luncheon to raise money for their summer tour. Their biggest fundraiser of the luncheon was the dessert auction. I don't know if you've ever attended one of these, but they're great fun--particularly when you actually have money to spend. I had already decided how much I was going to give towards the day's events and decided I would take part in the bidding. At my previous church, dessert auctions are well-established events & bring in thousands of dollars which means I was never a contender in an auction. This was the first of its kind at this church, so I felt reasonably assured I could have a little fun. And what do you know, I came home with two desserts and really helped drive up the bidding on many of the items. It was great fun!

The rest of the afternoon, I'm still working on the laundry. Seriously, how do two people have so much laundry??? Gonna plan something yummy for dinner and take a nap. Somewhere in there I'm sure I'll watch a little tv and do some more light cleaning.

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