Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Project Day

Today was home improvement day. We finally have our new stove insert installed. We hope this will cut winter electric bills, even though the circulating fan runs on electricity.

It's a pellet stove. So you get the ambiance of a wood fire without all of the ash. The compressed wood pellets burn to virtually nothing. Whoohoo for winter.

Since I already had to take off work for the stove installation, I enlisted the "help" of my dad to install the tile backsplash in the kitchen. We bought all of the materials over the summer but couldn't find the time to get the tile installed. And ultimately, Derek decided he didn't want to learn how to install tile. So I asked dad if he would come do it since he did their kitchen backsplash. Naturally, dad did all of the work and I mostly supervised/handed him tools. It took us a better part of the day, but it's all up. The adhesive has to cure for at least 72 hrs before I apply the grout. So that's on tap for Sunday afternoon.


sarahk said...

wow, that backsplash looks great! i would think it would take longer than a day with such teeny tiles... so if Frank and i did big tiles with no experience in tiling, maybe we could do our teeny backsplash in a day?

maybe we'll save that for "optional houseprojects if we have time".

nice stove, too.

and i'm glad the concert went well. when we're back in Texas, i wish i could drive up weekly for rehearsals, because i would love to sing with y'all again. i miss it. it's the only time i've sung in a choir (and other than weddings, the only time i've sung formally), and i had so much fun.

Susan said...

the beauty of our backsplash was that i picked tiles that were already arranged on a backing. the plain tiles were 12in x 12in squares and the accent strip was 4in x 11in strips. using large whole tiles, say 12x12, should be equally as easy to install and certainly wouldn't take you more than a day. i would say the hardest part is layout and cutting, and even that wasn't hard.

we would certainly LOVE to have you back in Chorale. we're doing guys & dolls in may. no word yet on next season's proposed schedule.

sarahk said...

cool, maybe i can convince Frank. now that he realizes patching holes in the wall isn't that hard, he'll probably take on tiling too.

*sigh* i don't want to go back to the Metroplex, though. just move the chorale to Austin! :(

Susan said...

there are some chorales in Austin. i'll bet you can find a suitable substitute. =)