Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hit and Miss

The funeral went well on Friday. Thanks to everyone for the cards, phone calls, flowers, etc. It really meant a lot to Derek.

I survived the first rehearsal at RCT yesterday. Found out I'll be doing a lot more singing than I anticipated but thankfully most of it's in the pit as back-up, which I hope means that that stuff doesn't have to be memorized. But come to think of it, I didn't ask. Learned two of the dances yesterday. And we all know how much I love dancing. Actually, in the grand scheme of things, they were easy. Shouldn't take long for me to get them down. Just two more to go.

The next month is going to be very busy. I'm helping with the kids musical at church. I have the big solo with the Chorale on the 24th. I have NATS on the 31st. And I have the RCT show on April 6th. Throw in Easter for fun, and that's a recipe for a month of rehearsals and very little else. So posts for the next four weeks or so will be hit and miss at best.

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